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  1. Yay, more things to look forward too :-) This is going to be amazing!!!
  2. More guests from Flash and Arrow Tom Cavanagh Jesse L. Martin Emily Bett Rickards Richard Armitage (Hobbit movies)
  3. Hi guys, It's been a few years since I did one of these events. Do you need tickets to get into the free talks? Thanks
  4. Mike Dopud Garwin Sanford Ryan Robbins Kavan Smith
  5. Gutted it's the same weekend as Chevron :-( Hope those who go have a fabulous time!!!
  6. Just tried to book using the link but why this year is it added tax on top of the price? I've never known it do that before.
  7. Did you have to quote anything to them?
  8. The prices to book this hotel without the code are ridiculous. If I'd known the hotel booking was going to be this much trouble/expensive I may not have bought a ticket for the convention. I can't afford to risk booking without the code. It's never usually like this
  9. Even using booking websites if you want the cheapest rate you generally have to pay in advance with no cancellation
  10. It is a little concerning at this point
  11. This sounds great, but my concern is that the event will start becoming too big. I understand things need to grow to keep being profitable but I prefer this event to LFCC as you are always guaranteed entry and not being crushed in thousands of other people.
  12. More of Arrow and/or The Flash cast. my faves would be Tom Cavanagh and Emily Bett Rickards. Also Richard Armitage (Thorin in the Hobbit) Peter Capaldi Anthony Head Tom Riley (Da Vincis Demons and Doctor Who)
  13. Not likely I'm going. Was looking forward to it and I was going to be bringing a newbie too :-(
  14. Definitely more Arrow and The Flash Guests!!!! Tom Cavanaugh John Barrowman Grant Gustin Manu Bennett
  15. Definitely more Arrow and The Flash Guests!!!! Tom Cavanaugh John Barrowman Grant Gustin Manu Bennett and of course Stephen Amell
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