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  1. I was quite happy with the way the seating was handled and the crew were literally just doing their job and making sure people were sat in the correct sections and rows according to their ticket number and still people were trying to jump rows to get nearer the front. As for the 'disabled seating', there isn't any, people with disabilities are allowed into the hall first because it's safer and easier for them to find their seats that way, they still have to sit in the right row according to their ticket number and whether they're gold, silver or standard. I wanted to say thanks to the cr
  2. Tyler Hoechlin Dylan O'Brein (yeah never gonna happen I know lol) Linden Ashby Coltan Haynes (again, I know, never gonna happen) JR Bourne Tyler Posey Crystal Reed Holland Roden Ian Bohen Daniel Sharman Keah Kahuanui Orny Adams Stephen Lunsford Hayley Webb Melissa Ponzio Jill Wagner Basically any of the cast of Teen Wolf
  3. Maybe it's something Showmasters/Massive Entertainment should look into. I know Sky haven't picked up the third season of Teen Wolf (which has been by far the strongest) but there obviously seems to be a market for it out there and I think it's only just starting to gather pace. How do you get ideas like this to the people who make the decisions?
  4. Robin Dunne Colin Ferguson Niall Matter
  5. c'est la vie. Hope to see him at Chevron in the future.
  6. Kavan Smith: Major Lorne- SG1 & SGA Matthew Bennett: Jared Kane and Ted - SG1 (and Aaron Doral in BSG incidentally) Rainbow Sun Franks: Lt Ford - SGA Kate Hewlett: Jeannie Miller - SGA Colin Cunningham: Major Paul Davis - SG1 (now in Falling Skies)
  7. Omg! I love that continuous panning shot that introduces Evan's office in Primeval: New World, the one that tracks them through the lab then sweeps up and around as they change levels. I won't admit to how many times i watched it.
  8. I think the guests probably need a lay in on the Sunday, they work flat out on the Saturday, go to a dinner, then some of them even attend the party and they're probably jet lagged on top of all that. An extra hour in bed for them on the Sunday is probably needed if we want them awake and not face planted on their signing desk lol
  9. Come! I promise you, you will love it, not regret it in anyway, meet some great people and it will be a fantastic weekend! Just give it a go and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. it is very tempting i regret not going when richard dean anderson went Buy your ticket, if you dont enjoy it you can slap me on the day - Hard! lol (Ill be the one stalking Joe all weekend so you wont miss me!) Just don't get him mixed up with the real Joe Flanigan.....that could turn out reeeeeeaaallly bad
  10. And another actor to cross off my wish list.....i'm so happy right now.
  11. I may totally fangirl out when i meet Martin, love his directing....going to shut up now before I start dribbling on about continuous panning shots.
  12. Yay! Have heard nothing but good things from people who have met Patrick before, can't wait to meet him.
  13. Woo hoo! i'm happy.....going to have to think hard about my guest suggestions now, you keep getting all my fav's.
  14. I would love to have that many guest but just really don't see how we would be able to get all those autographs and photos, i think it would have to be a pick and chose type of set up where you miss one thing to see another.
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