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  1. Mr Mulder will be working at the event on his attendance days. Ask around. Focus on the I in FBI, investigation!
  2. I'm not sure they'll have time to mess around with those this close to C11.
  3. I'm afraid we can't allow copyrighted stuff to actually be linked here. If you can contact each other by email or anything then do it that way. There are obviously torrent sites, or Live Journal communities, so if you have friends on there, ask them or check their profiles Thanks
  4. There is a specific crew area >>HERE<< for people who are interested in becoming crew etc with information.
  5. fox mulder

    I love...

    I love Kell and POTATOES. Two of my favourite forum members.
  6. fox mulder

    CSI forum awards!

    Did people want this pinning? I know it was mentioned but I thought I'd check before I did anything.
  7. Hi, Just a note to say I removed your other topic about another event because we only allow Showmasters events to be discussed on this board, thanks. And London's awful to live in so no surprise!
  8. fox mulder


    There has been a topic pinned >>HERE<< now that the show has started for everyone to discuss it in!
  9. I've cleaned this page up a bit, if you want to remove your own posts if they don't make sense now then that's up to you. If you can please either try to keep on topic or at least make your remarks non-offensive. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but only discuss them if you can do it in a friendly manner please, there is no need for things to get out of hand. Thanks.
  10. DR WHO REUNION DOCTORS, VILLAINS AND COMPANIONS FROM THE 1960'S TO 2005! This post will be updated whenever additions or cancellations are announced. PAUL McGANN - The Doctor (1996 Movie) Saturday SYLVESTER McCOY - The Doctor (7th Incarnation - 1987-1989) Sunday COLIN BAKER - The Doctor (6th Incarnation 1984-1986) Sunday PETER DAVISON - The Doctor (5th Incarnation 1981-1984) TBA JOHN LEESON - K9 (voice) Sunday DAPHNE ASHBROOK - Dr Grace Sat and Sun NICOLA BRYANT - Peri Sunday SOPHIE ALDRED - Ace Sunday ANNEKE WILLS - Polly Sunday ELIZABETH SLADEN - Sarah Jane Saturday WENDY PADBURY - Zoe Saturday WILLIAM RUSSELL - Ian Sunday MATTHEW WATERHOUSE - Adric Sat and Sun FRAZER HINES - Jamie Saturday CAROLE ANN FORD - Susan Sunday CY TOWN - Dalek Saturday MARK STRICKSON - Turlough Saturday PETER PURVES - Steven TBA RICHARD FRANKLIN - Capt Yates Sunday NICHOLAS COURTNEY - The Brigadier Sunday DEBORAH WATLING - Victoria Saturday BONNIE LANGFORD - Mel Sunday LALLA WARD - Romana Sunday SARAH SUTTON - Nyssa Saturday MARY TAMM - Romana Saturday BARNABY EDWARDS - Dalek Operator 2005 Sun and Mon NOEL CLARKE - Mickey Smith (In New Series) Sunday NABIL SHABAN - Sil Sunday CANCELLED: LOUISE JAMESON - Leela TERRY MALLOY Unfortunately due to a family bereavement Mr Malloy will no longer be attending Collectormania 7. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Mr Malloy at this sad time. Full details, including pictures and links to an IMDB page for each guest, can be found on the Collectormania website: http://www.collectormania.com The website will be updated with the appearance days of the guests when they are finalised, so please keep checking back. Also keep checking the Collectormania 7 section of the forum for the latest guest announcements and information! Feel free to discuss the guests in this topic - who are you planning on meeting and what will you be getting signed?
  11. Time and again you have deliberately broken the rules and gone and posted about other events even though you know you are not allowed. Yes, there may be mentions elsewhere because we miss them, but there are many that are removed. Others may mention them not realising the rules, and this is not the case with you. You can report whoever you want but personal attacks are not acceptable on this board and you are not helping yourself by writing a message in this manner.
  12. The offending topic has been removed as far as I am aware. I read it and have a couple of points to raise. (1) All members of this forum are entitled to request whichever guests they may want at an events. There are no rules to say what "too many" or "too few" topics on a certain guest actually is, so I would appreciate it if people did not start arguments with each other over guest requests. If you do not like a topic, then please do something as simple as ignore it rather than posting a complaining thread about it which will inevitably cause problems. There is no need to attack someone because you do not like their guest request. (2) While most swearing is censored on this board, certain words are not and I would ask you to keep your swearing to a minimum and not to use offensive language please. I know that some people get wound up but there is no need for it and no one needs to sink to that level. We have no problem with discussion and debate on this forum, but arguments are not acceptable. We all have different tastes, and if we can just accept that and let everyone get on with it then that would be great. This is usually a peaceful and trouble-free section of the forum so let's keep it that way please!
  13. lol to be honest I've only pinned the Shanks one because he's going to C7, not through any pressure from a certain obsessed girl and the others were not pinned by me so I can't explain any logic
  14. I did ask before and I feel rude asking for it all the time! People should just be nice and sort it out I think I'm entitled to interest now
  15. Can't be bothered to change names so ... Andy or Smaugyyyyy, can I have money for the LAST party ticket PLEASE I asked nicely
  16. http://www.collectormania.com/wheretostay.html http://www.collectormania.com/travel/travel.html
  17. This is quoted directly from Showmasters in another topic, thought it was best to pin it here so it was clear for everyone so they know to get one!
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