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  1. You're the one that has to lug it around... so it's up to you. Permission isn't actually needed, and not from members of the forums. If you genuinely want permission, email the organisers.
  2. Hmmmm, still not enough information posted about it. And if I didn't get what you had to do... At the end of the day the cosplay booth does take up a lot of space. Especially if it's put in a place with a lot of foot traffic. In my mind the cosplay didn't work at any CMs. Dressing up and walking around was fine, having all the booths, tables, platforms and stages just didn't work. It's much better at bigger events that aren't put on in a public place where there is already a stage and space already made avaliable. You can put on the best show but if it's not in the right place what's the point.
  3. You have to email the entries. Admitedly they do confuse the issue. The thing is there is NO MASQUERADE. In other words you don't prance about in front of judges. So wear your costume if you like but in order to be considered for a prize you email a photo of your costume (As you wear it) and a photo of the character in the same costume.
  4. I unfortunatly don't not known to the official reason but i think it may have something to do with available space. Don't quote me on that though. So they haven't told the person who is meant to be organising costume things what the reason was? They just cancelled it?
  5. I think I've seen three different spellings of competition in this thread. Fantastic. Either way - what was the unforeseen circumstance that caused the cancellation?
  6. Well I'd say if you've still got some of your LoTR's costumes they'd look fab with a horse. Also have you thought about trying your hand at making tack? It'd be like a costume for the horse!
  7. Altair from Assasins Creed and two other costumes with Becks.
  8. This is going to be fun but so much hard work! Maybe - and here's an idea. We have a cosplay get together. Where we all get together with sewing machines and fabric and just MAKE COSTUMES. I'd be up for that, my house is certainly big enough for a large group. Yes, I have spontanious and often impractical ideas!
  9. If LadyD is listening to the suggestions (which it is evident she is, I mean, not many people would adapt something like the rules for people) I think that people would be will to take time out to help her. So we have performers, we have people willing to print and publicise and I am a qualified IT technician so I can help with projections, videos and slightly off the wall effects if need be. I'm also semi-qualified stage technician too (so like the Drama/arts only behind the scenes!). The help is here and we can so make this the best Cosplay community out there!
  10. Hope you don't mind me commenting. I think Altair would be an excellent costume. I know one or two people in the States that have done fantastic ones. If you would like me to post pictures of thier costumes for your reference let me know. Of course I don't mind you commenting! I would love to see some other costumes for reference! It would be awesome to see what materials people used.
  11. Oh definately! It has to be done like that! Can't just make up a costume out of thin air!
  12. Yeah, the film ones are so much more detailed. But I'd like to keep in with everyone's idea of the character too. I think I might work on this when I get home in a few mins. Yours is going to be hard to make though!
  13. I think I'll just strap it down, the thing is the finger is gone from the knuckle and it's the ring finger. It's going to be hard to strap that down without it being uncomfortable. All the leather work is going to be hard! I guess I should start with cloth mock ups. It's going to be fun! I was thinking about the other costume Becks, I think you're right. Get a kiddy one and then adapt it. I might use bits from the film costume too.
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