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  1. without a doubt a HUGE yes from me on Paul - i actually met him in london once - but sadly didnt get his auto or a photo with him - he is one of my fave actors of all time and it would be amazing to meet him - and yes kbran he went blue in a film - big fat liar - altho my faves of his work is american splendor and shootem up and truman show
  2. i think they should do a joint photo session - that would amazing - i cant believe i will meet james, john, Eve myles and gareth in one week - wow!
  3. I met him last time and he drew me a donatello (tmnt) which is amazing and we have been in touch since and he is a legend of an artist
  4. or a prop to have a photo taken with him lol - or loose a lot of weight
  5. Hey Over the years there have been so many great costumes that fans wear during their time at convos So who would you love to have a picture with of peope dressed up I would love The ninja turtles - all four leo,mike,don,raph and maybe shredder too lol robocop terminator alf short circut johny 5 labyrinth characters to name a few -
  6. I totally agree - primeval and robin hood guests would be a nice change and super to meet
  7. terrible news, but not surprising any chance ya could get Charlie Sheen
  8. Hi My friend and I saw this film last night and we both thought it was really good, and I think it would be great to meet the cast at a event soon Hayden Christensen Jamie Bell Samuel L Jackson (yeah right lol) Diane Lane Anna Sophia Robb (was a great supprise to see her in this film) Michael Rooker Rachel Bilson I really enjoyed this film and cant wait for "Jumper 2 - The Cardigan"
  9. The second series of primeval is simply brilliant, the storys are good and the acting is top notch - I did like the first series, but the second is much better Its certainly as good as torchwood, robin hood and doctor who in my opinion It would be great to meet the cast
  10. Hey just got back from the film - amazing really loved it - and would be great to meet the cast - they were all fantastic in this - their acting was so good it was realistic considering the story be great to get the cast and the producer (jj) at a event!
  11. dont forget he was in hot fuzz too i met him a couple of years ago - nice chap - he was doing a play in poole
  12. Jon is a amazing actor - and very funny too - would like to meet him - and my girlfriend would too! Sorry JOHN Stamos - doh!
  13. OMG - Thankyou so much - one of my heroes in the uk - Im going to this one!!!!
  14. Hey nice guest - I have met him several times - he has done a few pantos in poole and have seen live couple of times - i always saw him having lunch in the lighthouse restuarant - he is a lovely chap - and funnely enough i have never actually asked him for autograph and always wanted too - well heres my chance thanks showmasters
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