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  1. Spike's dream date

    next collectormania guest wants

    How about some Bollywood guests (for a change)? You would draw in so many new people if you did this. I would like to vote for: Shah Rukh Khan Vivek Oberoi Akshay Kumar Saif Ali Khan
  2. Spike's dream date

    Party cancellation

    Surprise, surprise!
  3. Spike's dream date

    Discussion about the new venue

    If I was to go to Collectormania again, it would only be if it was free. The autographs, accommodation, food and other extras are expensive enough without having an entry fee as well. Free entry together with shopping opportunities has always been the attraction of this event over the others. And I like the crowds - it adds atmosphere
  4. Spike's dream date

    "HORROR BALL" - What's happening with it?

    I don't think it should be advertised as happening if it isn't going to go ahead. That's just rubbish. Hardly good customer service is it?!
  5. Spike's dream date

    Gold Pass Goody Bags

    Ummm isn't this slightly OT (just for a change) heh heh? Maybe someone should change the title of the thread to postal strike debate.
  6. Spike's dream date

    Kevin Sorbo is the Phelps Twins long lost dad?

    I love it! Good spot Nicky!
  7. Spike's dream date

    Latest Guest Announcement Stanislav Ianevski

  8. Spike's dream date

    Best SM Signing Experience?

    The one I enjoyed the most was Elijah Wood but that's probably because he was the guest I most wanted to meet at the time and he was nice in the few seconds I had with him. Made a complete fool of myself
  9. I totally agree with you (although I can see the other side of the argument). Luckily the problem does not often arise for me. :)
  10. Spike's dream date

    More Heroes guests?

    Yeah I just noticed that haha
  11. Spike's dream date

    More Heroes guests?

    The scientist guy from Heroes is going to be at C12 (according to the SMs email which just came round). Erick Avari.
  12. Spike's dream date

    What Is Your Best Bargain Buy Item?

    I have Shah Rukh Khan's autograph for under £10 (had to pay for the item he signed). Believe me, this is a bargain!
  13. Spike's dream date

    James Phelps & Oliver Phelps

    Hurray! HP guests are always good for a laugh!
  14. Spike's dream date

    UPDATED: Guests days and prices

    How about some party/ball news?
  15. Spike's dream date

    OK, Just relised this

    Wow, incredible!