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    Clive Barker

    what a great man. Ok, not the best signature on my puzzlebox, but you were warned in advance and think it's cool it is signed by the master. When in pain, and you keep being so friendly and sincerely cool, you get all my respect! Maybe it would have been an idea to put Ashley Laurence with him in the sort of office-cube he was sitting in. I mean, because of her eyeproblem and the flash sensitivity. Now you couldn't take pictures around her (even with flash off), even when R2D2 was driving around there, minding his own business, adnd people taking pictures of that. With a cube like mr Barker had, you don't have that problem. Lovely woman by the way (but that another topic)
  2. I'm afraid I also am one of the happy few. I was there on sunday and had an awesome event. I missed out on a few things (for example, I didn't see mr Brooker) Loved the cars, loved the cosplay audience.. but most of all I loved the guests. And that is the main reason for me to come. Quite often I get dissappointed by 1 guest or so (for example: not being friendly) None whatsoever this event, and straight from the beginning! on sunday! Last but not least, the staff. A big compliment. Being strict when needed, and yet keeping it so friendly. My full respect for showmasters cs for this awesome event.
  3. My guess: because he couldn't buy them online anymore (shop being closed)
  4. Actually, I've got a Ecko (brand) shirt that I'm wearing every time I go to events. At first it was a coincidence that I noticed when I saw the pictures of some events, now it's become a sort of gimmick for me.
  5. tartarus


    Will K9 also be the rest of the weekend on display? Like the cars? (just not the photo op with mr Leeson then) I'm only able to attend on sunday, and really would like to see it.
  6. tartarus


    actually they're doing a convention together this august, not only Burt Ward and Adam West, but also Julie Newmar (Catwoman) With all 3 doing conventions... how hard can it be!
  7. tartarus

    Lying Down Game

    Wouldn't mind if it was a huge success and everyone was planking... while I'm getting my autographs
  8. tartarus

    what hotel are you staying at?

    That doesn't bother me, just so long as I have somewhere where I can dump my things, lol! The one thing that does matter is where you said there was a problem with the room! not cool.
  9. tartarus

    Where is everyone coming from

    I'm hoping to come from the Netherlands, but I'm having a vulcano deja-vu
  10. tartarus

    London Film & Comic Con

    I find it truly amazing what you guys have built up as an event. (same with CM) The guestlist keeps on growing, just when I thought, wow that's a lot of guests, you keep 'em coming. (oh and please keep 'em coming! :)) I just wanted to share my respect. When you organize such a huge event, and succeed in keeping down to earth like you do (for example, any serious question get's an answer, rapidly, in here)... That is just awesome. There are organizers that can learn a lot here!!! (no sarcasm here, just a sincere, really big thank you in advance)
  11. tartarus


    Just come anyhow, I found out that (most of) the visitors won't bite. Just prove your friends wrong, have a good time with new friends and show them afterwards what they missed. (been there on myself few times)
  12. I'm also from the netherlands, but I'm there on sunday. Hoping to see Oliver Smith, maybe I can bring something with me for you. (depending where you are from offcourse :) ) But where did you find out that they are doing sunday only? Because in the days topic it says that the dates for them are to be confirmed.
  13. ok. if you must... announce it then as long as it's not a friday only guest, in that case don't announce it, even better anyone coming that friday should sign a contract that no-one is allowed to say a thing about that evening (gutted that I booked my plane-ticket for the saturday) look at my few posts, I'm a troll!
  14. tartarus

    what hotel are you staying at?

    thx for the tip Tina, I also booked at the aquarius. indeed good fares, and perfectly located I heard about "the tube going through some of the rooms" and the breakfast not being the best? Been there before?
  15. tartarus

    Time of Entry

    Ok thanks for the fast response!