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  1. i saw signed ones being sold in EC1 for £90 sunday
  2. here's mine from sat and sun https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10204575208486511.1073741861.1422985174&type=1&l=5d7432a617
  3. how about getting a few of team GB's medal winners at this or another future show, i'm sure they would be very popular,
  4. i've seen him at three SM events in the past, and i saw him at an event for a popular UK movie magazine,
  5. i've seen Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) at events in the past, but not this time
  6. there's one in here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4413500981997.2188044.1422985174&type=3&l=5dee36b1a8
  7. same here, i learned years ago not to bother with the talks, the last one i went to was Jason Mewes in 08, we were near the front so it wasnt too bad, and Mewes was hilarious, but the prices charged for talks this year were a joke, far to expensive for what you get.
  8. mine were Craig Parker, Rose Leslie and Mickie James, if you met them yourself then you can understand why, the three of them were very friendly and chatty, and a pleasure to meet,
  9. went up there a couple of times for a break, it was a good space to have, was a bit of a breeze up there too which was a nice relief from the sauna below
  10. Sorry, I am not even sure what exactly happened, much less what the source of the problem was. I only know that attendees brought it to the Organisers' attention and that it is being fixed. me and my friends arrived just after 8am, at this point there was only one queue, we asked some people if it was early bird or pay on the door but nobody knew, there were no visible crew to ask so we just joined it, shortly after someone came out and seperated it into two queues, us being in the early bird side, the line gradually got longer and longer, then after a short time the few hundred or so people behind were moved forward and ahead of us, then everybody getting off the train was joining this third queue, then the nearer we got to the entrance the worse it got, with people stepping under the pointless red rope, everybody was then in the open area in front of the entrance, and as others have said it turned into a free for all, we got lucky and walked in ahead of people who had pushed past us earlier, and ahead of most of the people who had just arrived, we're not attending tomorrow, but i seriously hope this is improved on, and there need to be many more staff and crew outside, preventing the blatant queue jumping, which is very unfair on those who have waited an hour or more to get in, other than the saga outside, i enjoyed the event alot, great line up of guests, and a nice venue, see you in 2013
  11. Time Team hosts/experts plus a talk, maybe im the only one who would love this, hehe
  12. this ^^ plus Milla i'd wanna meet for Dazed & Confused, classic film
  13. Daniel Dae Kim Emilie De Ravin Yunjin Kim
  14. anyone from.. Spartacus- BAS/GOTA Lost Walking Dead Game of Thrones Band of Brothers The Pacific
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