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  1. So is Ray attending all three days then as the collectormania says Sunday. Need to know so i can plan what day to travel
  2. Will they be selling copies of 'Hollywood Monster' at his table like they did at Collectormania Milton Keynes? They sold out before i could get one...
  3. Is there a cloakroom for people who aren't cosplaying all day?
  4. How soon do we get the tickets if ordered like sometime in January?
  5. Plus Nick did mention "Collectormania London 08" in the movie 'Paul' That should grease the wheels a bit!
  6. I would love to see the new cast of Hawaii Five-O for london in 2012!
  7. Would be awesome to see these two back at a showmasters event. I think the last time the did a show was in... 2006??? Which was at Manchester G-Mex Its understandable considering all the things they've done over the years, but i would love to see them back for July 2012!
  8. I think she's doing shows in america a month before london film and comic con, so hopefully there won't be any scheduling conflicts... I soooo want to meet her! lol
  9. Not sure if anybody has heard of this, it was a horror movie wrote and produced by Sean Clark who i've found out manages a lot of the guests at these conventions. I checked out the cast and seen that the Evellan Twins and Danielle Harris star in it. It be great to see more from that cast at the show e.g. James Duvall and Robert Patrick. Be good to see a little reunion between this group. Plus Robert was T-1000 in Terminator 2 and James is famous for his Frank the Bunny role in Donnie Darko... Be interesting to see what happens with this one
  10. I met these two back in 2008 in Texas. They were nice to meet, although i didn't talk to them too much. I hope to strike up more of a conversation with them in July. But i'll definately be getting a photo op with them and autos too
  11. I recently went to the Entertainment and Media Show and met up with Clare Higgins and she had mentioned that Hellraiser will be reaching its 25th anniversary next year. I thought it would be cool to have all of the people who worked on the first movie... well all the main guys. Clare said she would love to see this happen, preferably in London where it all began... I believe it can be done, considering all in the list have done a show. I think it would attract alot of people to the show. Also if photo ops with the cenobites and/ or the entire cast would be epic like it was done at LFCC in 2011! Clive Barker Ashley Lawrence Andrew Robinson Clare Higgins Doug Bradley Barbie Wilde (Grace Kirby supposedly is not inclined to be apart of the hellraiser film) Simon Bamford Nicholas Vince Sean Chapman Oliver Smith Kenneth Chanham (might as well since we have 7 people from part 2 already)
  12. Any information on what time Monica Keena's photoshoot will be at???
  13. Dang... wanted him to sign my hellraiser book and maybe an 8x10... Ah well maybe next time eh?
  14. Cool. Hopefully the shoot will be after 10am... I'm buying my tickets on the day, so it might take me awhile in line... Got paid day aftet the online store closed
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