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  1. My favourite tag team of all time. :) Super happy that I'll finaly get to meet them.
  2. borgteddy

    Robert Englund - no Sunday signing

    Even with the LFCC t-shirt it could stil be anyone in the picture with me. I'm glad it was known it advance he wouldn't be wearing the sweater and hat. Because of this I did not buy the diamond pass.
  3. Does anyone know yet why he didn't show up on Sunday?
  4. I really enjoyed the live commentary and would definately go to one again. :) The subtitles with the episode were a great idea, however the screen was a bit to low, so you coul only read the top half of the subtitles and the volume of the episode was a bit too loud (at least for me) making it sometimes difficult to hear what the actors were saying.
  5. You have to wait 1 more hour. It's 8 pm in most of Europe, so I think they should tell us now :)
  6. borgteddy

    Counting Backwards

  7. borgteddy

    The Number Game

  8. borgteddy

    Chevron 8.0 - TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

    Ticket ordered
  9. borgteddy


    Ordered :) Yes
  10. borgteddy


    Good Question. I would love to know that as well.
  11. borgteddy

    Latest Guest Announcement - David Hewlett

    Whoohooooooooooooooooooo This is awesome
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    Guest Suggestions

    Robert Davi Robert Patrick Chuck Campbel Jason Momoa Rainbow Francks Craig Veroni Ben Cotton Kate Hewlett
  13. Yay Virgil :) I hope there will be more WWF/WWE wrestlers :)