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    Guest suggestions.

    Roxanne Dawson Jolene Blalock Jennifer Lien Robert Beltran
  2. Capetown19

    Guest suggestions.

    Roxanne Dawson
  3. Capetown19

    Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    I am hoping for Arnold Schwarzenegger or Harrison Ford.
  4. Capetown19

    Guest Announcement - Weds 22nd @ 7pm!

    Jackie Chan . You don't get cooler than that.
  5. Capetown19

    Guest Announcement - Weds 22nd @ 7pm!

    Weird Al Yankovic
  6. Just a question for those who know how this works. Is there amyway to optain digtal prints of the photoshoots. Or am I going to have to scan my print? I would loke to post it on my blog etc.
  7. Capetown19

    Latest Guest Announcement - WIL WHEATON

    I did tale one but it was a 6x8 not 10x8. I thought the same thing that they would have one due tp them having it in the online store.
  8. Capetown19

    Latest Guest Announcement - WIL WHEATON

    A bit disappointed that they do not have any pics of him in Big Bang Theory.
  9. Capetown19

    Where is everyone coming from?

    Driving from Nottingham on a daily basis.
  10. Capetown19


    Yeh less than 24 hours to go. Have my posters and 10x8's. Also have my gorn vs kirk diorama and my Hellraiser boxset.Can't wait.(Got to remember to take tickets with.)
  11. Capetown19

    Paying for Autographs

    Great, the tokens was a very bad idea.
  12. Capetown19

    Buzzing with excitement

    well it wont be frakes or park as they both cancelled Yes I know but they never attended before either.
  13. Capetown19

    Buzzing with excitement

    Jennifer Lien Jonathan Frakes [i think. Don't know if he was at the first one] Linda Park
  14. Capetown19

    Buzzing with excitement

    I was at DST2 too also. This time I am bringing my son and daughter on the weekend but I am coming for all 3 days. I don't think I could possibly be disappointed with this one.
  15. It is less than two weeks left. I am so looking forward to this event. I am talking about this all the time. Even to people at work who have no idea who William Shatner is.(Yes they exist.) I am even having problems sleeping. The thing is I have been to loads of conventions over the years.This is ot my first. The thing is , do you feel the same? I also thought a tread to get the excitement going would be nice.