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  1. Just wanted to express how wonderful all the red and blue shirts have been over the past couple of days. The organisation at the photo shoots was top notch, and I saw them deal with a difficult situation with patience and a cool head. Well done to them all, and thank you for making these shows possible.
  2. On Facebook, he indicated that he would be signing autographs, but would not have prints with him. No idea of cost - John Eaves was £10 last year, so might be similar.
  3. I'm wondering if the DST admin/office has any information around whether Mr Sternbach will be bringing any prints with him (ala John Eaves last year) , and what size they will be. If not, will prints of his ships and designs be available from the DST photos desk? Many thanks.
  4. So we're six episodes into ST DSC, and it's just been renewed for season 2. Hopefully Showmasters will be able to get some guests, from both infront of and behind the camera, at Birmingham. (n.b. this is not for guest requests - there is already a thread for that, just a hopeful plea to SM to get some of the newest crew on board!)
  5. Nichelle Nichols Colm Meany Anybody from the new films & Discovery The Okudas Producers, writers, graphic designers - behind the scenes people.
  6. I can only comment on the talks as I didn't attend the parties. The sound/lighting systems for the talks was undoubtedly provided and set up by the NEC rather than Showmasters. On the Enterprise stage, I sat on the side furthest away from the curtains, at both half way at the back and 3/4 towards the back. I didn't have any major issues with the sound quality - only when the guests had the mics switched off, or the technician muted them. For the Voyager stage, I was lucky enough to sit near the front and had no issues with the hearing. I was standing at the back for the bluetooth communciator talk and could hear very clearly, however standing slightly further back I found it very difficult to hear anything from the Voyager talk. I only attended one talk on the Excelsior stage, I was sat right next to the speaker and it was very loud, but probably needed to be that way so that those nearer the back could hear.
  7. I was able to get both George and Wil's on Saturday (one of the advantages of getting the VQs straight away). It's not really showmasters fault - it's down the guest about how much time they spent talking to the attendees and some were very slow signers. The longest I had to wait in a queue for an auto was Max Grodenchik who talked to everyone, not that I'm complaining - he is a lovely man.
  8. At DSTL in 2012, the TOS bridge was behind the scenes with a large window so you could see through and big 'no photos' signs (which most people ignored). I quite liked the open bridges, when it was quiet you could take a couple of pictures. The poor crew were hoarse with telling people not to use flash photography (non-flash was fine), the problem is that people either didn't listen, chose to ignore, or are unable to switch the flash off on their cameras and just kept going.
  9. To be fair, there is online storage to pay for, and webhosting services, server admin fees etc. I do think £5 is a bit steep, but I like the idea that if any of my photos go walkies & my hard drive goes boom, I can get a copy in the future.
  10. I was there Saturday and Sunday. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I was able to meet all the guests I wanted to, attend all the talks I had hoped to and soak up the atmosphere. I found the blue and red shirts very helpful in my dealings with them. They were very enthusiastic and bubbly, especially considering that they were doing in excess of 9 hours on their feet voluntarily. I think that a lot of the difficulties for some attendees was a lack of understanding about virtual queues and needing to buy an 8x10 if they didn't bring their own. Key highlights for me (in no particular order): Meeting Terry Farrell The Two Daxs talk DS9 talk Roddenberry Vault talk Meeting George Takei Keonig/Takei talk The 50 pieces by 50 artists The most suprising: The queue for the Tribbles (managed to get one this morning) The bluetooth Communicator talk The varied and amazing costumes (kudos to brilliant Delen on Saturday) Most disappointing: The prop 'museum' (so much more could have been made of this - some labels and other displays rather than having everything lined up against a wall) The lack of gaming zone
  11. I was able to have a quick word with most of the guests I met, especially Terry Farrell, Alexander Siddig, Armin Shimmerman and Max Grodenchik - they were all very friendly and open. Even the busy guests like Wil Wheaton and George Takei said "Hi" and it did feel more than a machine l. With Shatner, I can understand that some people are a bit taken a back as he is very experienced and signs like a machine (barely looking up - that's what happens when you have thousands who want an autograph), however even in his bridge photoshoot this afternoon which was very busy, he seemed to acknowledge everyone both before and after the picture was taken.
  12. I always scan my pictures and autographs in - that way I can print out the ones I want to display whilst storing the original safely.
  13. They did have some non-star trek images for Christopher Lloyd (maybe due to the limited star trek pictures), and I could have sworn I saw a Stand By Me for Wil. I thought that the picture selection was excelent with good options for all the cast. The only difficulty was trying to see them, picking them up and buying them - that was somewhat chaotic!
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