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  1. So do DVD's normally get released or is this thread just wishful thinking?
  2. Yeah I've seen it... are we allowed to discuss spoilers in here?
  3. I think the stage height was ok, but only because the talks were very uncrowded - also because we sat at the back, it was possible to stand up for photos because we weren't blocking people behind us... I'm sure if it was a much busier con, it wouldn't have been as easy to see everything on stage - although the screens were great, there were times when the screens were zoomed right in on the guests face's whilst they were gesticulating, so if you were only watching the screens you would've missed some great comedy moments. I felt that we had plenty of time to do everything and never queued mor
  4. Me too.... is there something like a chuck's chicks for chad? I've give my proper feedback when my brain's had chance to calm down a bit...
  5. Thanks for an amazing event, it was my first con and exceeded all expectations, so thanks again to ME! ps. is it normal to feel so utterly depressed the day after?
  6. Being my first con, I was super nervous about the photo shoot Roadhouse003 by breakbeat, on Flickr Roadhouse004 by breakbeat, on Flickr Roadhouse005 by breakbeat, on Flickr Very impressed with the way the photos turned out! I don't think I did too bad with my own shots during the talks, considering the lighting conditions and that I was sat at the back! Rob: IMG_1353 by breakbeat, on Flickr Chad: IMG_1363 by breakbeat, on Flickr Mark: IMG_1326 by breakbeat, on Flickr Sam: IMG_1386 by breakbeat, on Flickr the rest can be found here
  7. I was on Chuck's Chicks side even though we lost.. lol
  8. Wow, such cool pics from everyone - loving the one of Mark & the clown! hoping to get mine sorted this evening!
  9. Haven't seen Vampire Diaries or BH, but I'm 95% there just for the supernatural guests because I had such a fantastic time this weekend.. will have to wait until next payday at least though to buy by ticket!
  10. our train gets in at quarter past 4, so I shall keep an eye out in the bar area for a meet up :)
  11. Alas looks like I'm going to miss this one, got the latest train possible to get me home at a reasonable hour, which = 8.40pm, thought I might at least be able to check out a few costumes before home... but looks like I will miss all the fun.. I hope there will be pics posted!
  12. I wasn't too over excited until today, when chad lindberg tweeted at me, and I finished work for a long weekend (i've got monday off for recovery lol)
  13. Birmingham int' Con rate room - I kind of thought it might be included, it just doesn't mention it on the email reservation I received and £3 sounds pretty reasonable.. :) thanks I'll save that to my phone..
  14. I have a couple of questions about the Hilton: how close is it to the train station? Is breakfast included in the room price?And how much is a pint :)
  15. I was thinking about getting rob to sign one of the supernatural novels in a nice parallel to chuck, but not sure yet
  16. Being my first con, i'm excited about everything, I'm now checking these forums several times a day rather than a couple of times a week! I think most excited about getting to meet Samantha & Rob, although just seeing how everything works is excitment enough! I have a couple of *cough* unofficial soundtracks for S1 & S2 and I'm listening to those everyday to/from work :)
  17. I am definitely interested in meeting up, providing I don't get cold feet as I can be quite shy at times and people mistake it for just being weird
  18. Have you not set up Royal Mail forwarding (presuming you live in the UK?) I've done this everytime i've moved house (which was a lot as a student!), saved me a lot of hassle.. I'd assume other countries have a similar option as well
  19. That's sounds amazing! I have a glam dress for friday that i've not worn yet, not sure about Saturday... and Sunday we have to leave about 8.30pm to get the train home, but I'm hoping I'll get chance to see people's costumes before we have to shoot off
  20. Yeah i'd be super excited to meet the impala too
  21. Standard Ticket 36 & 37
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