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  1. I feel if there is a need to hold so many events, maybe spread it out a little...im near liverpool and CM manchester was perfect!! otherwise i spend a fortune travelling to london or milton keynes all the time for events...there is like 2 MK ones a year and there was going to be the two london ones as well. Not to mention most of the cons being in the midlands and then down south - apart from glasgow (which takes just as long if not longer for the likes of myself and people in the northwest to get to) there is no events up north now, no happy medium, if there is a need to run so many a yea
  2. This is a great idea and has been mentioned before, i agree!!! it would be incredibly popular!
  3. I'm not interested in a group photo personally... But a Tony and Robin double would be legendary!!!! although i do realise it wont happen lol
  4. i dont think we are getting anybody new - but thats just my view on things and its a real shame if we dont. i know loads of people are happy with the guests and i agree both tony and steph are lovely - but for me personally im kinda regretting how early i booked this one before knowing the guests (thats my own fault i know lol) I personally have already met tony and steph and the other two im sure are v nice people but im not a dollhouse/firefly fan...so for me...personally...im not that happy with the line up this yr. But like i said, thats just my opinion :)
  5. Agree with you on that one. I voted depends on guests :)
  6. no way gutted i cant come, he wanted to do roadhouse as well! grrrr!
  7. Buffy! No contest Fave show everrrr! Followed by Angel
  8. Definitly count me in Already got an idea!!
  9. well thats not good - i'd of thought there would be more reason to put more money and effort into new events since some other events are based on past shows that dont air anymore and bitten and roadhouse are aimed at current shows.
  10. haha beat me to it! i was gonna c+p what she said on her blog - some great feedback from her i agree! shes so sweet!
  11. Agreeee completely, ill keep my eye on this con, but its only SPN guests im interested in
  12. I'm really happy to see loads of positive feedback cause i really want SPN events to continue, cause SM/ME rock cons! The couple of negatives about the stage being low etc....i dont really know what else could be done there, i was sat 4th/5th row and could see fine lol and im only 5'2...guess it depends who u get sat in front of you. One day we even sat right at the back of the hall, cause the view was a little better I doubt they could make the stage higher, might be a health n safety rule in there somewhere lol but i thought the two massive screens were perfect for those who c
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