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  1. fran cullen

    Can we register Sunday?

    Thanks, I couldn't see the schedule! Probably me just been stupid, I'll look again
  2. fran cullen

    Can we register Sunday?

    oh right, thanks! If they are selling the sequels there I might be tempted, but thats good I can register on sunday! Cheers :)
  3. fran cullen

    Can we register Sunday?

    Hello! Me and my friend are both quite low standards, and realised we can basically get all our autos on sunday and we can only really go to one day now, can we register and get our packs on sunday morning, or do you have to register friday/ saturday? Also, do we have to pay for the authors autographs? I have their books already and don't fancy buying them again!
  4. fran cullen

    who would be your perfect replacement guests?!

    To be honest, if they get Charlie AGAIN I won't go I want NEW GUESTS Michael Sheeen! Xavier Billy Burke Cam Jackson Nikki
  5. fran cullen

    Guest Cancellation - Cameron Bright

    I am really gutted! Feel sorry for SM/ME at the mo!
  6. fran cullen

    Schedule of Events

    Yes, I believe they are paid for as normal at this con. In the "How things work" thread, Too Tall put information on how these work if anyone needs to know Thanks Rhi :) I loved the quiz at Muggle Mayhem, it was really fun! The prizes were pretty good aswell!
  7. fran cullen

    Schedule of Events

    Do you pay for the guest encounters? I just wondered I've been to some where you have to bid or win a encounter but at muggle mayhem they were free cause there wasn't very many people. Whats the deal at this con?
  8. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    Don't be shy! I'm shy aswell, but because I'm going on my own I want to meet as many people as I can! Please come!
  9. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    I <3 cafe press! I've got a Dean Girl, Protected by Castiel, Misha minions and a team winchester tops/ hoodies for this con hahah! Didn't know you could put stuff on them aswell!
  10. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    Arr thats brilliant! I want a tshirt haha! I could steal yours when your a sleep and scrub out your number and put mine hahah
  11. fran cullen

    Jake Abel request!

    YES! Get him, I love him in Percy Jackon and hes in the Lovely Bones aswell! Yes get him
  12. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    Oooh good plan Too Tall! I think we should do what he says and just bring a piece of paper, then whoever is in the reception can come and sit with us all! I'm excited, can September 3rd hurry up now!
  13. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    Yeah, that would be a good idea. Shame we didn't think of it earlier, we could have made tshirts! Oooh. Well we could always make it about 5-6ish then hopefully the majority of people will be there?! I'm not to sure whats around the hilton, but we maybe meet in the hotel reception or somewhere like that??
  14. fran cullen

    Meet up on the Friday!

    Hello all... I was just wondering if anyone wanted to meet up on the friday? Usually there is abit of a wait inbetween things on the friday, after resistration, and for people going on their own it would be a good chance for people to get to know each other and have a natter and a drink. Anyone interested??
  15. fran cullen

    Music at the parties!

    Oooo it will be the greatest soundtrack ever! If they don't play it at the parties, I'll go to my room and listen to them all on my Ipod...ooooh silent disco!