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  1. Anyone know if we can buy early bird tickets for Sunday during the day on Saturday? A friend will be there to pick one up for me as she already has tickets.
  2. Andy Hallett Don S Davis Patrick Swayze
  3. Hi Surfy sah, I think you may have to follow the person on twitter before you can send a twitter version of private mail. I'm not totally sure though. Or try where is says messages and then new messahe and type in her fully user name and hopefully that should work. I hope you find it. It sucks. The private message feature works the other way around - they have to follow you to enable you to send one. Normal tweets can be sent by anyone to anyone. Oddly enough it's the only tweet she's sent. I can try tweeting her too. Perhaps Showmasters know if a Joyce Smyth was registered as an attendee?
  4. I don't think he kissed his hand. If I recall it was an entirely different gesture!
  5. I have a call sheet from Doctor Who S4 Journey's End. The scene where The Doctor is shot by the dalek. Not film/tv, but I also have a shirt worn on stage (at RSC) by my favourite actor. It cost me 75p! Bargain. I'd love something screen-used from something (I oogle the Stargate props & costume auctions regularily) but it's all way beyond my budget. I don't own it (as I passed it on to a friend) but I did buy a pair of trousers made by The RSC for a version of Henry IV part something or other, worn by a Scottish actor called John McKay (£7). It wasn't til I got them home that I realised there was a smaller, faded label inside that identified them as "Kenneth Branah - Henry V". We were rather delighted!
  6. Ohhh let us know when the issue is out!
  7. Haha no that wasn't me. I just laughed at the way you said it & commented that I'd do whatever Malcolm told me as he's rsther scary lol
  8. I was a few people behind her (the blonde you later told was "held" ) and she really was awful. It was such an uncomfortable atmosphere. The fact is that by pissing off Rick her photo would have come out much worse than just the fact that his damn hair was covered! I was so pleased when Malcolm basically told her he was taking the second shot whether she was facing the camera or not!
  9. I'm a little surprised by the amount of people that don't like the holes as it spoils the image. I can understand why and everything, but from my point of view, every wee hole is a story :)
  10. Can he bring the dinner plate cod piece?
  11. QueenMab


    This was my first real con, and I'm so glad I went. I was really impressed with the team who never flagged and handled the delays and any problems like pros. The guests were obviously very happy to be there and rather comfortable and we had a cracking time!
  12. I asked about retakes on Sunday, as I was curious how it worked. Malcolm will do a retake if he thinks an attendee/guest blinked. If it turns out they didn't, and the first photo was fine, you'll usually get both shots (as the techie printing them cannot tell which is 1st and which is 2nd). If someone did in fact blink, you'll only get the "good" one. Not quite the same as Dellefyne, where it appears her first photo was fine & Rick simply wanted to do another! Malcolm is boss.
  13. Connor Trinneer Michael Shanks JR Bourne Peter Stebbings David Ogden Stiers Jewel Staite Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks Erick Avari Steve Bacic Peter Wingfield Kevin Durand Neil Denis Morena Baccarin Carmen Argenziano Colleen Rennison Willie Garson Frida Betrani
  14. Chris Judge at CML last year! I haven't met him again (yet).
  15. Rick just tweeted his thanks 'Jus landed@LAX arr.frm Heathro; Wat a trip! Thnx2EVERYBODY4EVERYTHNG!!! Germny,Englnd. All4 SeaShephrd-- Ur support=Whales SAVED!' 'My love to all... And blessings 2 Capt.Paul Watson. RDA' Aww.
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