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  1. pink lady

    Tickets on the day?

    If I remember correctly, summer LFCC no longer has entry tickets available on the door. It is pre-purchase only. I'm pretty sure it's been that way for a couple of years.
  2. pink lady

    Anton Yelchin - RIP

    So sad. Far too young. RIP https://www.yahoo.com/movies/star-trek-actor-anton-yelchin-dies-car-crash-175216196.html
  3. pink lady

    why not the hall?

    I was told by a hotel employee that they had three events going on this weekend which was why Collectormania was out on the concourse. The other areas were in use by other people.
  4. pink lady

    Guest Photos On Desk

    The photos that are on the guest tables are provided for people who don't have their own items to be signed. Strictly speaking, people who have their items should not take them.
  5. pink lady

    Question about carers pass.

    For her to get the same privileges as you, I think she would need to have the same sort of pass. Yes, you would be able to go into the games room for a while or back to your room if you are staying in the hotel where the event is taking place. The hotel is out near the airport which is a little way out from the Bullring Centre so going there may not be practical. There is the NEC just over the road though.
  6. If we bought Diana Muldaur photo shoot tickets for LFCC, will we be able to use them at this event instead?
  7. Any update about when the tickets will be available?
  8. pink lady

    Want to buy tickets

    Yay! Thanks for the update
  9. Can you tell us when tickets for Sheffield will be available in the online shop?
  10. pink lady

    photo storage

    There's this one on ebay. Don't know if it would be any good. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quality-Presentation-Display-Book-Portfolio-Folder-in-A5-A4-A3-A2-/350932180635?pt=UK_BOI_Office_Office_Supplies_Stationery_ET&var=&hash=item51b5301e9b
  11. pink lady

    photo storage

    There may be dealers at the event who will have something suitable. Alternatively, you could try a stationers like Staples or maybe somewhere like Hobbycraft. Have you got any idea of the sort of thing you're looking for?
  12. pink lady

    Registration problems

    I have a few friends who have been trying to register using hotmail and gmail addresses but without success. Is there a something preventing people with hotmail or gmail addresses registering?
  13. The shop is showing the Saturday early bird tickets as unavailable. They're not all sold out are they?