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  1. Hi I would love to go to this but with only three months to go and only one guest announced I'm not willing to fork out for a ticket, arrange hotel and transport just to have it cancelled like a few of your cons last year. When are you going to announce any more guests? Libra
  2. libra


    I know the weekends not over but I just want to say a Massive Thankyou to Massive Events and all the stars who came over. This is the first on I've done on crutches and everyone has been really considerate and helpful, nothing is to much trouble. Even the hotel staff have been good. Thankyou Mark, Jason, Rick, Teryl, Flu, Gary, Dan, and all the stewards who are too numerous to mention, but especially Andrew and Mara for the excellent care they took of me on the meal out.
  3. being cheecky and asking if VIP's are getting copies as part of the package or they exepcted to pay too
  4. Wasn't at 7.5 but did the happy dance when it was announced online, it wasn't pretty
  5. Thanks Too Tall and everyone else who answered me
  6. Just bought mine regardless of where the meal is going to be, treating it as an incentive to get out of hospital Personally I don't think its a stupid question as if its going to be held in Birmingham theres travel costs and times to be considered. Not all of us have had VIP tickets before so don't know how they work, so please keep the sarcastic remarks to your self.
  7. I didn't mean to start off such a debate, sorry.
  8. Thanks Too Tall, knew I'd read something somewhere but couldn't remember where. Everything a bit clearer now, and fingers crossed I will see you all there.
  9. Hi I know tickets are non-transferable but did I read somewhere that they could be re-sold by Massive Events if for some reason someone couldn't come? If so whats the latest I could re-sell my ticket if I don't get out of hospital or get medical permission to come. This is just a query I AM planning to still come just checking my options. Thanks
  10. libra


    Name: Nki Ticket type bought: GOLD Are you at C75? No What Chevrons have you attended in the past? None done Hubs and Hallowheldon, and other RDA events here and abroad.
  11. you should ask RDA why Dan calls him that
  12. what needs to happen is for these 4 to go back and tell the rest what a brilliant time they had and then we might get the others coming over to SM
  13. Got to agree, would much rather have another guest as opposed to a singer, who I have heard and don't actually think is that good, sorry.
  14. Seconded! would be better if it was a headliner
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