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  1. As another Kickstarter I'd DEFINITELY be up for this. LoVe photoshoot would be ace and I'd definitely pay for that, but even if things had to be slightly more low key my wish list would be any of the following: Jason Dohring – Logan Echolls Enrico Colantoni – Keith Mars Francis Capra – Weevil Tina Majorino – Mac Max Greenfield – Leo Ken Marino – Vinnie Van Lowe Michael Muhney – Sheriff Lamb
  2. Hello, and apologies for the slightly abrupt message! I'm putting together a write up for Chevron 7.6 for the next issue of SFX. I've got lots of people happy to chat about how ace the event was, but haven't been able to get any photos. Has anyone got any they wouldn't mind emailing me for use in the mag? Either of the guests (on stage in the talks or opening/closing ceremonies) or the party or whatever please? If you don't mind emailing on the address below that would be brill. Thanks if you can help (and I'm sorry I missed the event, it sounds ace!) Naz Edited to say: I have had several emails through from people offering some really stunning pictures, and I've forwarded a few through to go in the review. I don't have any say in the page layout so I don't know and can't guarantee which will be used but thank you both so much - I won't name you publicly in case you would rather I didn't but you know who you are and I know you're awesome!
  3. Got to be James Frain... Mad vampire Cromwell?
  4. LOL don't worry, I'm not embarrassed (well ok, I am a bit, but on the Russell scale it's a mere blip, so don't worry ). I am amused by people trying to track me down though. I also appear in episode 6 if you look closely, and also (squee squee squee) episode 1 of season 2 (in the flashback - I couldn't make it for a set visit alas, although technically it means I'm on both DVDs ) Happy Christmas everyone :) x
  5. nkb

    I give up

    Nope, how does it end Simon?
  6. Awwww I'm sorry, it's disappeared. I don't have a copy of the picture - I don't look that very interesting in it if that helps. Although if you missed it and don't have the DVD I'm in the Season 2 flashback
  7. LOL I'm very chuffed that you're all interested but feel I should clarify it isn't a picture with me and Russell, it's just me looking very flustered and horrified at some Comic Con goer who decided (thanks to the eeeevil of my friends who told him all about my 'role' in episodes 5 and 6 (don't get excited, I was about 17th vampire from the left) getting him giddy) that he would like my autograph and wouldn't leave me alone till I did. And I was all embarrassed (because frankly the recognition and nice things that have happened to me since Being Human has been commissioned are all lovely but quite embarrassing anyway - I'm a journalist usually and much happier watching/reporting on shenanigans than being part of it and having people look at me!) and look like a very pink very horrified sort of person. If you want to see a Being Human related picture you could look at http://twitpic.com/t9wqs which another lovely American Being Human related fan posted having played 'Where's nkb?' which is like 'Where's Wally?' but with a blue scarf rather than a red stripey one And I feel like we've gone majorly off topic now so I'm going to slink away and be very quiet for a bit
  8. No, and no. It wasn't funny. Although Chris, Karen, Max and Angela laughed till they cried. I'll link you to the pic
  9. I think you may be right, lovely yet evil boy that he is. Yeah and WHY did someone ask that exactly Mr MK? Yeah. Quite. Speaking of lovely yet evil boys... Well mostly, yannow, EVIL. Nic, I nearly died. There's a picture on Facebook somewhere of me looking very pink and horrified and half running away.
  10. LOL, it's ok, I was pretty much hiding under the seat by the time Russell finished - he's very lovely but quite embarrassing when he sets his mind to it, and I didn't stay for the signing so I definitely missed you. Are you coming to any of the BAFTA screenings? x
  11. Ooooh that was a bit surreal for a Wednesday morning. Hi, erm, that's me. *waves* Although for the record I don't know I was very spearheady despite everyone saying very nice things about it afterwards. I do work for the SFX lot sometimes (if you read the 'best TV of the 00's' special they did recently I wrote the True Blood and Being Human features and I blog about Being Human a lot for them). They love the show but it is very awkward for them to promote this, and you can understand why perhaps they're less than keen to do so. We've sort of missed the boat there I'm afraid. I've already waxed lyrical about marketing shenanigans in another thread though so I'm going to link to it rather than being a bore. I've added you both on Twitter btw. And I take it you've seen the prequels put up yesterday, right?
  12. nkb

    I give up

    Except for the werewolf outfit. Or do you consider that an 'at home' only sort of thing?
  13. nkb

    New series

    SFX have made Being Human their Christmas cover. Very exciting news indeed - surely a sign that this show is only going to get bigger and bigger and season 2 gains momentum
  14. nkb

    I give up

    All good stuff, although technically the hashtag would need to be #beinghuman (oh yes, pedantry in action!) Following the other BH communities on Twitter (there's three fairly decent ones) and retweeting anything they have that might be of interest is a good thing too, plus Aidan is allegedly on there (it's an unverified account and I'm awaiting confirmation that it's actually him) so you could follow him too - you need to add value to your tweets. While people will put up with some marketing from a company and undoubtedly in this case are following you in part for the new guest announcements etc, they'll tune out your messages if every one is just plugging the latest guest. Agree about the #cult thing - although the idea that suddenly the events are being brought to a whole new audience of people in funny coloured robes amuses me a bit. Oh and David, please don't think this is negative - a lot of what you're doing is ace, I just think there's some wiggle room for it to be a little more human. It's 'social' networking after all - while I understand you're running it on behalf of SM and need to keep the differentiation, letting a little bit more of your character flow through and interacting a bit more isn't going to cause any harm. And I agree with what Chris says about event days - let's get people who can't come to an event excited and a bit jealous at everything going on - a Twitpic of the queues to get in, or the UK Garrison having a chat with Warwick Davies - or a retweet of something he or Tom Felton posted during the day (I seem to recall seeing them both tweet recently from an SM event) or a little nugget of info about one of the guests - 'Jason Mewes has just told us all that he loves Merlin and Robin Hood. Is this cool or a bit frightening? You decide...' - all of which gives a flavour of the show and what's going on and and is a bit different to the usual tweets but actually helps market the shows albeit in a slightly different way.
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