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  1. agreed the seven of nine girls all looked gorgeous,i saw several of them on the saturday,i got some photos of them and i had my photo taken with the one in the blue costume.
  2. I must say i hadn`t booked a ticket for the event and then saw online that saturday was sold out. but as i had set my sights on going i thought i would turn up anyway to see if i could get in. when i arrived at Excel it was still early(about 10am) i was pointed in the direction of the ticket booth and was indeed told that saturday was sold out ....but was then told i could buy a weekend ticket for saturday and sunday....??? excuse me...but wheres the logic to this??...how can an event be sold out one minute...then in the next moment you can suddenly buy a ticket for it...but only if you pay for two days entry??...hmmm....sounds like profiteering to me. of course i bought the ticket,i could only attend for that one day....but my entry for saturday then cost me an eye watering £40 I agree the programme at £10 was mostly adverts and not worth it. On the plus side i enjoyed the event as a whole.I only bought two autographs as i`m more of a TOS fan than anything else and i hardly ever do photoshoots or paid for talks....but one look at the queues for tickets throughout the day was enough to put anyone off.for those people who do lots of these at events,how can you enjoy the day??...you spend the whole time queueing and clock watching.but each to thier own i guess. i did however eventually do the bridge photoshoot later in the afternoon....but only when i was able to get a ticket with just 3 people in front of me,much more pleasant. I must say 10/10 for the speed of that photoshoot(queueing aside)....from having the photo taken to actually walking away with it in my hand...about 15 seconds!!!...this must surely be the future of photo collection at conventions.no more scrums at photo tables five people deep... convention organisers take note;...this was THE way to do photos. I thought the turnout for costumes was excellent and fantastic to see,well done everybody you looked amazing!!
  3. great to see the star trek TOS group of girls at mk dons again,i always look out for you guys,and there you were! i must get a photo with you next time. in general i dont think there were as many cosplayers this time round,i was only there on saturday though,so cant speak for the other days.but great to see the ones who were in costume.a standout for me was the jason voorhees.... and there was a very impressive lookalike of matt smith there...did anyone else see him?....he was a dead ringer. and also thought the sisters of plenitude looked amazing...great make up and costumes girls,,,,,,werent you guys klingons last time? i think i had a photo with you if you were.
  4. want to say a few words about poor jake lamotta. one of my two reasons for going to this particular convention was to meet him,the other reason was to meet nichelle nichols. on arriving at the dons stadium i did a quick scout round to see where he was located(he wasnt due to start signing untill 11am) it was pretty cold at the venue today,i think most people would agree on that,so i was amazed to see that jake lamotta,who lets not forget is 91 years old,had been put out on the main concourse,and open to all the elements.......didnt any of the organisers think this might be a bad idea??? i noticed several guests,some a lot younger than lamotta were sited in undercover areas. jake arrived over an hour late,and after several rescheduled time changes to lamottas photo shoot,he then proceeded to do some autographs,but the queue was soon halted and we were told to come back later because of congestion in the walkway. on arriving back there later there was no sign of jake,and was told by a crew member he had become ill because of the cold weather,and had cancelled the rest of his appearance,including the photo shoot. thus i reiterate my point,why put a 91 year old man out in the open like that?......he should have been given somewhere with shelter,or preferably inside. it was such a disappointment for many fans,me included,who may have missed our chance to ever meet the bronx bull.it seems unlikely given his age that he will make another trip here,and especially now having become ill on the visit. a real missed opportunity. i hope the champ was ok,thats the most important thing.....does anyone know anything?
  5. not sure if anyone else has had the same thought....but as both karen gillan and caitlin blackwood are attending how bout a double photoshoot with both amy ponds??? that would be a great photo to have. i realise its probably too late to organise...even if you are up for the idea showmasters...maybe next time?
  6. just wanted to add a big thank you to michael ford for taking the trouble to bring his oscars to the event,it was a really nice thought.my eyes were on stalks when i saw those,i mean,how often do you get to see those??...and he was more than happy for people to hold them,so i think i was not alone in getting a photo op of that one....that was one of the unexpected highlights of the day for me,finally getting to hold a real oscar!....will tick that off my bucket list now.....lol thanks michael!!
  7. many congratulations on the success of empire day today,particularly to the organisers who made it all happen.i am sure everyone who attended went away happy(and in some cases skint....lol).and look forward to empire day 2 next year....this event is surely destined to become "a must" amongst star wars fans judging by the reception today. it was a great feeling to be on the hallowed turf of elstree,i had never been on a film sound stage before,so i was thrilled by that,let alone the event itself.i envisioned i was going to be walking onto some vast sound stage...a la bond.....but stage 7 was how shall i say...bijou....lol.i understand that it may be held in a larger stage next year,so will look forward to seeing more of elstree...and no doubt more guests and more fans. the talks were good,and ran smoothly.and i thought the auction was very good,there were some nice pieces of vintage memorabilia,i have found at lots of other cons and i`m sure i speak for many here, that the standard of the auctions has been lacking to say the least.....mugs and t shirts anyone?? but on this showing there were plenty of quality collectibles,some rare items too.well done guys! i`m sure the archive must be more than happy with the way the bidding went. only one criticism.....more bar staff needed....i waited twenty minutes to get served a cup of coffee and i wasnt the only one.the poor bar girls struggled to keep up with the demand.....well done to them for trying though. thanks again for a great event guys...remember it i shall...lol heres to empire day 2013!!
  8. good guest! am feeling slightly smug about this latest guest announcement,as i got gillian andersons autograph for free some years ago when she was appearing in a play in london. still,its nice for those who havent met her to get the chance......any chance of an x files double signing with duchovney???....probably not.....but that would be something.
  9. i met her at a showmasters event in 2007,it was at the height of "heroes" mania....lol. it was absolute bedlam at the signing......as you may imagine.
  10. sad though it may be to hear,i think if you have not been lucky enough to meet leonard nimoy by now,your chances are very slim.he has as we know now officially retired,so i think you have missed the boat.the guy is after all 80 years old now,so lets all wish him well,and let him enjoy his retirement. you will always have TOS to console you!
  11. yes,would love to meet lee majors,the six million dollar man was regular tv viewing for me in the 70s.so that would be very nostalgic. 70s tv.....what a decade for it!! on that same idea,how bout a list of guests from hit 70s tv shows? henry winkler,lou ferrigno,lynda carter etc etc.?? that would be great to see for those of us of a certain age....lol
  12. AMAZING!!! thank you so much for this showmasters.nichelle is the final piece in my star trek tos jigsaw of surviving cast members to meet,so i am totally thrilled by this announcement.
  13. if there is one guest suggestion i have for 2012,it is for the return of karen gillan. she was as good as it gets when it comes to meeting the fans,as anybody who was there at the convention this year will agree.it was a pity she could only do one day,some fans no doubt did not get the chance to meet her,she was mobbed the whole day,but was a total delight throughout.so it would be nice if those who missed out last time,could get the chance again. she must have been totally shattered by the end of the day,but was good humoured,patient and friendly with everyone.a lesson that some other guests might care to learn........ way to go karen!!!
  14. aside from just 3 autos,didnt really buy much...but got an amelia pond exclusiive dr who exhibition figure,which i later got caitlin to sign.a superman logo t shirt with unusual colours,and some schlocky 60s/70s horror movies on dvd. quite restrained for me......lol
  15. it`s the old complaint again about the talks... why is the sound always bad?......how difficult can it be to get a microphone that works and an amplifier? at john hurts Q and A,his mic packed up half a dozen times,even he commented on it.
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