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  1. The talk vouchers can be exchanged for a specific paid talk at the organisers booth. Having a gold pass should get you priority seating behind the diamond seats but there was some confusion last year and this did not always happen.
  2. I stayed at the Hilton two years ago. It was ok , close to venue , expensive and the internet in the room was not very good. As a place to sleep for a couple of days it did its job.
  3. The gold ticket used to be the one to get if you wanted to get lots of autographs with very little hassle as you did not need a VQ ticket . This was not a guarantee but made a big change in you chance of getting all you wanted. With more and more guests getting the diamond package this has changed and the gold ticket gives you a far smaller chance of getting the auto's with out going back to queuing very early then rushing for a VQ ticket. The closest you would get to having a ticket that made getting an auto easy for a Diamond guest with out having a diamond ticket (but not guaranteed) would be if the gold ticket got the same priority for auto's that it gets for photo shoots, behind the diamonds but in front of everyone else.
  4. Yeah I saw 3 separate queues a couple of times on Sunday. I went to the first two diamond talks on Saturday and I raised the issue with the staff, glad to see that it got fixed for Sunday.
  5. We should also get seating behind the diamonds in their talks as well but that did not happen this year.
  6. Hopefully it won't be the same weekend as the bike event again.
  7. It's good that it was better today but that's a bit late that this only gets fixed by Sunday
  8. Just been told by the black shirt running the diamond talk that gold tickets do not get preferential seating in paid for talks , did this change or is it another paid fir benefit we have lost ?
  9. Reuter Howard's queue had the sign with diamonds golds and vq on it. I was in the next queue and pointed out to the guy running the queue that we do not get priority in diamond guest queue. He told me I was wrong and I saw no pint in standing there and arguing.
  10. Glad to hear this as its location today was quite small and I thought it would be an issue tomorrow.
  11. The goody bag was the most generous that they have ever been. As this is just an extra I thought they were quite good.
  12. VQ tickets are one per person, they will not give you one for someone else.
  13. Just make sure you get stamped :)
  14. The last time Ian was at LFCC I believe was his first show appearance and he was very busy.
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