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  1. You will be able to order as many as you wish to pay for. Last years LFCC took 2 weeks to have all Jpegs ready for viewing. Smaller shows sometimes have them ready within 3/4 days. However with LFCC summer show there are 1000's to upload so it may be a whle I'm afraid
  2. I'm pretty sure that once the Autograph hole is punched, the diamond pass ceases to have any effect on joining that queue without a VQ Ticket. At least, if I were manning the queue and had not been specifically instructed otherwise, that's how I'd handle it. Brendon. This is correct. Once the hole has been punched for the autograph and you have left the queue diamond pass holders then require VQ tickets to enter the queue again.
  3. It was indeed Richard who was scanning tickets! The queuing guy in the afternoon was Russell. Both were working their first show so I'm glad they made an impression! Wonderful feedback for them :)
  4. Phil from Photo Area C on Sunday has seen your comments and asked if the following could be related to you guys that thanked him 'Well, i'm certainly feeling the love. Was told there were some compliments about me on the forum from the weekend. Thought i'd take a look and was completely blown away. Makes it all worthwhile. Can someone on the forums please send my heartfelt thanks to the posters.'
  5. I have to say I gushed and fan girled. I'm normally pretty professional but I had to go and have a quick chat while I was pit bossing
  6. Hi that's me Carrie! No probs. I know you were having a few problems after seeing you on Saturday also. Honestly it's no problem. Maybe we will see you at WLFCC
  7. A thread will be posted with the link later on when the pictures are uploaded, they will be in Jpeg format - can remember cost
  8. Well thank-you. I shall pass the messahe to Vik also. Really sorry Alexander was later and you guys had to wait so long. I just wanted to get you out and about doing other things instead of being stood in a queue that people were barging through with no regard to those stood in it!
  9. Sounds like you joined the cult of Luke. Was he making jokes and being generally funny plus has a beard. That would be Luke! :) The cult of Luke? Why is mine a cult and not a fandom? Thanks for the compliments though everyone who has directly or indirectly named me. Couldn't do it without my fellow photo crew, otherwise the queue wouldn't move! It has a better ring to it and wold make better T-Shirts!
  10. Thank-you for raising this point. I cannot stress how important planning is. I had a gentleman approach me Saturday, he had over 20 photoshoot tickets for Saturday and Sunday all printed out. He did not look at the forum schedule for an idea of where and what time shoots were. I spent almost 5 minutes finding out all the areas, times and explaining where each area was for the saturday shoots. He then wanted me to do the same for Sunday which I then had to decline because I had two other people waiting to ask me a question. I instead directed him to the schedules and floor plans on the walls and advised he check these on Sunday morning or check the forum. He wasn't happy with this answer and was quite rude to me but I stood my ground. Some people may read this and think 'oh you should of helped him' but all that infomation was readily available and it was imortant to deal with queries that were affecting people that day to ensure everyone was taken care of. He wasn't asking for help, he was asking me to do his planning for him and I think some people need to help us help them by doing some of the work themselves. It is very difficult to spend time making sure the event is running smoothly by checking queues are flowing, exits/entrances are clear, the guest are where they need to be, that guests pens are replaced if needs be, that things are running on time ect when questions that could be answered by looking at the large print outs are being asked to crew. It is a joint effort and planning can go along way to help things.
  11. Sounds like it maybe Justin to me. If he was shortish and looked like he was auditioning for that part of a mountain man it may be our lovely Justin who is forgoing cutting his hair and beard for a year for charity
  12. You silly sausage starting a new thread :) Hopefully QS will merge them later! I'm sure the crew won't mind 2 threads thanking them! Leo was great! Can you believe it was his first show so I'm sure he will be happy to hear the thanks! Also my brain has gone to mush for a second there but the bag guy was Richard, again another first time crew member so he will be glad to hear of the thanks
  13. Sounds like you joined the cult of Luke. Was he making jokes and being generally funny plus has a beard. That would be Luke! :)
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