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  1. Surely the photographer could underexpose on the camera to compensate? I'm sure they're not cheap cameras so should have the option...
  2. Sad news for some, but from a purely selfish point of view, it's ideal. For those in retail, getting the necessary few days off during the pre-Xmas period (Noc/Dec) is nigh on impossible. Here's to a great show next year!
  3. 1.Showmasters do listen. I've been coming to their shows for 12 years now & they do read the feedback. Some may remember the 'good ol days' of photoshoots going off to get developed! The 1-way stair solution being an overnight idea this time. 2. Unorganised people. I heard people swear at staff (volunteers) as they'd missed their photoshoot. The schedule has been online for a few days with maps & were also displayed in the halls. Take a pic of one on your phone or camera. Just an idea... Plus if you clash, speak up & they will help. 3. I didn't get all I wanted but you have to prioritise & be realistic. Someone cancelling through work or illness is not the organiser's fault & in my experience they try to get them back. 4. Robert Englund Diamond pass: THAT photoshoot, say no more! 5. Due to the amount of people I'd like to meet it is a stressful (& hot) experience. However when I look back at who I have met over the years (Fisher, Nimoy, Tyson, Weaver...) it's worth it! I'd rather have a chance of meeting someone than none at all. 6. However, Robert Englund NOT signing on Sunday was a massive oversight. Thankfully I met him on Saturday (as I was considering leaving my glove for Sunday as I needed it for the shoot).
  4. Hi, is anyone else staying at YHA Earl's Court? I'm there Thurs-Sunday nights, & could be looking to share a taxi Sat/Sun morning, to get there quicker! Looking forward to a busy weekend, Rich
  5. Any chance of her husband, Wayne Michaels? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0584533/ He was the stuntman who performed the bungee jump at the start of GoldenEye, as well as stunts for 2 Indiana Jones films.
  6. Right man, right place, right time. He's the best to manage the busiest areas! Did very well to cope with 400+ people & keep the walkway clear too :)
  7. The event is Sat-Mon, however the bus listings are Fri-Sun (the last event), can this be clarified? I'm travelling up & back from London each day, & back home Mon afternoon!
  8. Do I need to book 2 group photographs as there are different 007 guests each day? The shop does not list Sat or Sun seperately so I would assume this is the case. Thanks Rich P.S. Will there be large (20"x16") Buzz Aldrin prints available & if not can we bring our own?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to share a room in Brum for Fri/Sat. I'd also appreciate any hotel recommendations as I'm not familiar with Brum itself, as I usually attend the MK/London events. Thanks guys!
  10. Cocoon & Cocoon 2 are on Film 4 this week (Cocoon this evening!). Looking forward to seeing them again & Tahnee in November
  11. Hi, so much for my plan to 'commute' to MK each day from London! My 45min express journey by train has turned into 2 hours by coach/bus on Sunday... Does anyone have a spare seat if you're travelling up Sunday? I've got 3 photoshoots booked for Sunday so would really appreciate it...Thanks Richard
  12. Kevin Conroy, the voice of the animated Batman (including the astounding "Batman: Arkham Asylum" video game) would be an awesome guest! Would appeal to Batman/comic book fans & gamers alike. Here's hoping...
  13. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the crew/queue on Nathan's table yesterday. On explaining I had a train to catch yesterday afternoon, I was fast tracked to the front & Nathan was chased up (from the Green Room - he was 30+ mins late coming back!!!) So apolgies to the others in the queue, but I did make my train with 5 or so mins to spare! Had a top weekend over all, & looking forward to LFACC & future Collectormanias. Rich
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