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  1. Thanks Carrie - you were amazing! I know a lot of people are griping about the staff, so I always think it's important to let someone know when they make a super impression and care so much - you really were a star! Not decided about WLFCC yet, hoping it'll be a little less frenetic (and perhaps my health will be better!) but I'll damn well try :)
  2. I wanted to thank two staff members - one pit boss and one member of the security staff. Problem is, I can't exactly recall their names! First was the lovely pit boss, who I think was Carrie or Cassie, who helped me at the Sunday Nicole DeBoer shoot, and the second was a burly security chap with grey hair and goatee who helped as I met John Wagner. On both days, they saw how much I was suffering with my Multiple Sclerosis, and couldn't do enough to help me. I don't know how to find them, I don't know exactly their names, so if anyone does, please pass on my thanks. There are truly wonderf
  3. Right, allow me to throw in my tuppence worth here. I suffer from SPMS (Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) and I walk with a cane, at the weekend barely able to to put one foot in front of another, and hunched over double. I also suffer from barely controlled epilepsy, both of which conditions worsen in heat and stressful conditions. You don't get much more hot and stressful that this weekends LFCC. Yet I was barged out of the way, knocked to the floor and disregarded by those who'd put me there. Throughout all of this we remained polite and postive. My partner, who suffers from ME and
  4. Cheers - was the first trip out for the kit and was chuffed with the reception it got. First 2 day con for me too - more next year I should hope!!
  5. That Wolverine was I - maybe next time Murph, I look forward to it! And thanks Rosie - it was great seeing you on the way back!
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