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  1. Huge praise to the crew at Photo Area G this morning, keeping on top of everything after the delay. Kiel did an amazing job of wrangling everyone in Photo Area C (I know many appreciated him mentioning that receiving feedback/info from attendees was super helpful). Rybeth (I tried so hard to discreetly read her name, so I hope I got it right) was really sweet to everyone during the Peter Capaldi madness. It was clear what was going on, but she was crazy polite and friendly. I can’t imagine it was an easy situation for crew, so it was lovely to see her positivity.
  2. As extra autos are now included with the upgrades, will there be additional 8x10s in the reg packs or will it be the usual of one picture of each guest?
  3. The forum is a little too quiet for my liking. And many people are talking on Facebook about things they want (i.e. guests, green screens, etc) So, I thought we should discuss things we know will be happening, that we are really looking forward to. This'll probably be a quiet thread, but it's worth a shot!!! I'm most looking forward to seeing some guests I haven't met before. And, my usual highlight, the parties!!! There are some attendees that I only see at this event, and we like to make the most of the evenings together. I'm also looking forward to this years selection of party costumes, as well as the amazing cosplayers we always get. My half-hearted attempts are always put to shame, and I love it!!!
  4. Rainbow Sun Francks mentioned a while ago that he'd love to come back!
  5. I know people who want to attend, but can't purchase tickets yet. Is there any info on when the site, forum, or shop will go live?
  6. I 100% agree... However, I'm now gutted I didn't spot your Kuato cosplay!
  7. Just discovered there's already a thread for this... Whoops.
  8. I know people have had a lot of complaints this year. Personally, I'm not in that category. I feel it was a huge improvement from last year, but there will always be issues. I wanted to start a thread where we can share positive interactions with crew. Many of whom become the unsung heroes. First off, Leo from photo area D did a great job of organising the queue for Richard Dean Anderson's 9.30am shoot on Sunday. He was very helpful whenever anyone asked him anything, and was really friendly and polite. Also, the guy manning the bag table in that shoot (he was scanning tickets for Sean Gunn's photo later that day) was hilarious. Super friendly, which made the whole thing even more fun. Luke has been mentioned a couple of times, but he had a hard job with the queue for photo area A - I do not envy you! Little shout-out to the girl on Lea Thompson's queue who had to deal with the woman in the yellow jacket getting VERY angry, and directing it entirely at her - I have no idea how you kept your cool. Well done! And lastly, Sah did a brill job of trying to keep RDA fans informed towards the end of Sunday. Also not a job I envy. There were a lot of people to deal with, and she did it like a pro. I'm sure there are many more, but these are the ones that stood out the most for me.
  9. Last year it took me approx. 2 hours to get in, and that was an Early Bird ticket. Now there is only one entry time it's going to be even longer. I'm not very optimistic about making it to my 9.30 and 9.50 photo sessions for tomorrow morning, but I'm going to try my best.
  10. I don't know how regularly this forum is checked, especially now it has been moved to the "previous events" section, but I would like to make a request for there to be an 8.3 forum. Nothing has appeared yet, and a few other attendees have expressed concern that it doesn't exist. So I thought I'd request it on everyone's behalf. Thanks :) p.s. An Atlantis cast member has expressed interest in attending another UK event, specifically a SM/ME one... Just thought I'd share.
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