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  1. i'm shocked at how many comments are being made about badly framed pics (tops of heads missing) and out of focus shots. who the Hell was hired for these shoots, obviously not a professional? how hard is it to get a focus rage set and a tripod set up for a bunch of pics that are all going to be at the same range? given the prices asked i find it abhorrent that so many pics seem to be of bad quality and are ruining people's once-in-a-lifetime memento.
  2. absolutely, an auto means less to me if it's not made out to me. it's the equivalent of saying you can't go up to the guest for your pic cos they'll get through them quicker if they don't have to wait for you to walk up and pose :-D i'm jealous, BTW, CB is one of my faves i'd love to meet.
  3. so you have to pay MORE money for a pic you've alreay paid for? because putting a jpeg up for download or mailing it to your billing add is just far too difficult in this day and age, right? disgusting. There are lots of disgusting things in this world, charging people £5 for an extra service isn't one of them! yes it is. there's no call for it on top of the ticket price. it's a JPEG for christsake, it's not even a physical item. when i've had pics like this before the place just mails you a hyperlink for a download.
  4. and how would you manage that as regards who's next to see the guest?
  5. so you have to pay MORE money for a pic you've alreay paid for? because putting a jpeg up for download or mailing it to your billing add is just far too difficult in this day and age, right? disgusting.
  6. plenty of people i'd love, but frankly if they're going to start this nauseous trend of £95 (or more) a sig, they can shove it. Bill was the absolute limit for me, i only got a second sig from him cos i had dosh spare due to Kurt and Malcolm cancelling. you can spout all the "if they do't charge they won't come", but frankly if that's the case then i can live w/out them. it's about time some of them realised that it's the fans that give them a career.
  7. Personally I find it rather selfish to expect the people in front of me in the queue to hurry up so I can get my autograph quicker. Quite often people in front have apologised to me for taking up a lot of time but I don't mind. Just out of interest, when you get your one autograph, do you have any sort of conversation with the guest or do you just leave as quickly as possible? i got herded on from Bill Paxton by the handlers very brusquely and therefore barely had time to thank him for some of the characters he's done. i did want to make a few quick comments about his films and music etc, but after paying £90 i wasn't given the chance. i'm still pretty resentful of that, i guess SM are more aligned w/ making the guests as much money as money rather keeping the money-payers happy.
  8. well it all depends on who's announced. this is going to be shorter notice than the summer one though, so flights/hotels might be an issue.
  9. i see both sides to this. firstly, regarding multiple autos, i think it's entirely valid to get them, especially for a guest who's work is as varied as, say, Bill Paxton's ~ eg, i got him to sign Near Dark and his CD. What i don't get, is what i've seen at US cons, where someone will wander up to a comic writer w/ a foot-thick stack of every goddamned issue the guy's ever written. i mean, ffs - really? this is most definitely a time where a limit should be imposed, and this is what ended up having to happen when i met Joss Whedon in Chicago, the queue was all around the damn hall and people were just getting millions of items signed. even if the siggys were free, i wouldn't feel the need to bring every single DVD starring Bill, getting his nmes on the one orr two that mean the most to me is enough. the limit would be unarguably helpful to give more people the chance to get a signature, but i'm not sure by how much. if people were getting so many siggys of sigourney weaver that it slowed the queue then they must have way more disposable cash than i'll ever see. i'd think the star repeatedly stopping to get up and take a pic etc would be more of a queue-slower than multi-sigs, especially since the handlers were being pretty adept at getting the items all laid out and ready as the person in front was being seen.
  10. an argument - why should they? They're a "mega fan" who might have waited their life to meet someone and may never have the chance again. they might have spent hundreds and hours getting there. Why should they miss out on a minute or so's conversation w/ their idol just cos some impatient d1ck is having a whinge? let's face it, this "convo" is not like a half hour interview is it?
  11. if it was the guy in the hoodie w/ the hood up, i saw him too - he wasn't even looking at the crowd so if anyone gestured at him he wouldn't have seen :-/
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