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  1. I’ve always done the three days and tend to go for the photos on the Saturday. With it been the busiest day it’s harder to get autographs. Best trying to get them on the quieter days (more chance of personalisation and a bit more of a chat with the guests too)
  2. I was sat near to where Bernard was signing after having a photo with him. He was brought to the signing area in a wheelchair while he was whistling R2D2 noises while being pushed. A lovely gentleman who seemed to be genuinely enjoy meeting fans
  3. Props to the redhead lady on photo shoot F saturday (can’t remember her name apart from it starting with an E) walking up and down the queue holding the little white board with all the batches called, she must do some powerlifting as I don’t think I saw her lower it :p also the guy on photo D for Robert Patrick, had a can of cherry coke and kept moaning it was horrible yet kept drinking it; and tried eating a boost bar but everytime he went for a bite someone would ask for help, must have took 20 mins to eat and made me laugh a bit
  4. Ive had an email and the refund for my Ted Raimi shoot already but i havent had an email or anything regarding this one. Should i be worried as i could do with the money to book sam neill?
  5. Any of the full monty cast and more scrubs cast for next year please. Would love to meet john c mcginley
  6. I was a bit dissapointed in the guests this year, wanted to meet vader and chloe annett but wasnt paying for two days entrance to meet one person each day. I hope more work is put into it for next year as last year was really good
  7. Nice one cheers :) and vader cancelled the photoshoot, he was supposed to be after rob and his name was scribbled out and said cancelled (and just to clarify im on about big van vader not dave prowse )
  8. Dissapointed that vader cancelled but there was no info on it until i went round for the photo op. Rob maschio was an absolute legend (sad its his last con). On a quick side note, what are the plastic photo protectors called for the pics you get printed with a guest, tried searching on ebay but cant find anything as i dont know what they are called
  9. Is there anyone else that will be announced? The lineup is poor compared to last year
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