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  1. No it wasn't personalised. I wouldn't really trace over it because I know it would lose its value but I'd just like it to show up better
  2. Do you think my picture would lose all of its value if I bought one of those myself and traced over the signiture so I could see it xD
  3. Although I do have to say, I'm slightly disappointed with the signature I got, my fault. I opted for the silver pen which didn't show up on the picture at all and it's barely visible in low light.
  4. Matthew lillard was probably my favourite guest there to meet, when we got there he told my dad he was looking buff. And I know it was a cheeky ask seen as though it said "no posed photographs" I asked anyway so he pretended to sign something else for me and told me to quickly sneak the picture and as I walked away he shouted "GET OUTTA HERE" such a great guy
  5. Met Val and got a diamond pass for him on Saturday and he was amazing, despite all the troubles with throat cancer and not really being able to speak he kept positive and I got a great picture with him!
  6. Please bring in Sean Pertwee, from what I heard he lives quite close by in London and did an absolutely amazing performance in Gotham and doctor who
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