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  1. He’s recently signed a new deal with wwe that prohibits him from doing appearances outside of wwe events. He can fulfill his current bookings but won’t take any new bookings unfortunately.
  2. ZanderMc


    Can’t believe it’s 12 weeks away and I haven’t booked my travel down from Glasgow or a single photo shoot yet. Will need to start getting organized
  3. ZanderMc

    Big guest announcement wednesday @7pm

    Works out well for me. I get paid tomorrow so if they announce it on Wednesday and it’s somebody I like they’ll be getting booked straight away
  4. ZanderMc

    Guest Suggestions

    Hoping for a decent line up of wrestlers again this year.
  5. ZanderMc

    The Great LFCC Geek Off - 5!

    I’ll be there. Look forward to the geek off almost as much as I look forward to the con.
  6. ZanderMc

    Are you missing the Con?

    Every time I went through earls court on the train today my instinct was always “I need to get off here and change for Olympia” Already can’t wait for next year
  7. Managed to get batch 1 tardis shoot with him.
  8. Oh my god I really want this but I really don’t know if I should spend this kind of money. So many dilemmas!
  9. Was wondering the same. One of the crew told me when I left that if I’m coming back in to go to gate h and they’d get me in quicker. Don’t know if that’s right though.
  10. ZanderMc

    General Chat

    There was a stall downstairs selling photo holders. 50p each. That’s what I put all my photos in and stops them bending or getting damaged.
  11. Got an hour to go till my bus leaves the bus station so sitting in the pub with a nice cold beer. Less than 10 hours and I’ll be in London. So excited for this weekend
  12. Getting the last of my stuff organized today and then it’s off to buchanan bus station to catch the overnight bus from Glasgow to London. Can’t believe this time tomorrow I’ll be preparing to meet Jason Momoa and Tom Baker
  13. ZanderMc

    General Chat

    I don’t know about her but you’ve inadvertently convinced me to book a shoot with Matt Smith
  14. ZanderMc

    Who are you meeting!?

    Added a few more to my meet list today once the schedule came out. Now meeting Jason Momoa, Billy Gunn, Mark Henry, Aly Michalka, Rahul Kohli and Meatloaf. Adding those to my previous shoots booked for Tom Baker, Rose Mciver, Jeff Jarrett, Jim Ross, Jewel Staite and Shane Helms. That’s my total shoots booked up to 12 this weekend and might get tickets on the day for a couple of other shoots. It gonna be an expensive weekend
  15. ZanderMc

    Who are you meeting!?

    At the moment I’ve only booked Tom Baker and Rose Mciver for Friday, Jeff Jarrett and Jim Rose for Saturday and then Shane Helms and Jewel Staite on the Sunday but think I might add a couple more by the time next weekend rolls around.