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  1. Hear Hear! Every one I spoke to were polite and PATIENT. That counts for a lot. Well done guys. Andy
  2. Whoop Whoop indeed!!! I agree. She was the most approachable, wonderful person and was my favourite person to meet this weekend. What a smile! Andy
  3. Oo oo!! I forgot Jeff. I told him he was my favourite Star Trek bad guy, and a huge smile crossed his face. "Good Man!" he said, and seemed genuinely pleased!
  4. Hi Dawn! I'm so glad you read this. Both Julia and I were bowled over by your concern and help. We stayed all day on Saturday AND Sunday, although admittedly most of the days were spent in the food halls! I should have known there would be crowds at an event this big, but didn't realise. We have tentative plans to go to Comicon next July at Earl's Court. Will you be there? 4.20am to get home? Where do you live, Mars? (Just kiddin')!
  5. I'm going to give Doctor Sam Beckett the thumbs up as well!!! My best experiences were with him, Nana Visitor with her beautiful smile, cheeky Cirroc Lofton and wonderful Kate Mulgrew (superb hair)! By far the least impressive was Mister Shatner. Sat there on his chair, waiting for all and sundry to come and see him. I could go further with my opinion, but I won't. In fact, out of the fourteen people I met, I have nothing but lovely memories from almost all of them. Andy
  6. I wanted to redress the number of negative responses to the event at the weekend with a positive one. I had been there only ten minutes when things started going wrong. It was Saturday morning, and I arrived at 10.45 thinking it was going to be a great day. I suddenly realised I had been very naive. I was totally unprepared for the huge number of people in large crowds. I saw that Carolyn Seymour's photo session had already been and gone and I'd missed it. For the first time in many years I had an anxiety attack. I had to leave! Where's the exit?!!! I pulled my wife towards the outside of the hall but couldn't get out. I was panicking and couldn't calm down. I haven't had this kind of problem in a long time. I therefore found a gap near the autograph payment stalls and collapsed against the wall. A blue uniformed lady called Dawn was immediately on hand. She took good care of not only myself, but also my wife. She gave me a chair, and gave us water. Dawn told us she would sort all my worries out. She rearranged my ticket to see Carolyn for 9.30 on the Sunday morning. She wrote on my other six tickets the times and locations of all the photo sessions, and she kindly wrote that because of my medical condition, I should not have to stand in queues, or in crowds. If she hadn't done all this for me, we would have left just half an hour or so, after arrival on Saturday morning. Dawn made sure I was fully recovered before wishing us well. From then on, although I wasn't able to do much but go for my photos, I was calm again, and I could cope with things. I understand her "boss" was called Stuart. If you are reading this Stuart, you have a real gem in your staff. Thank you. Andy
  7. Hi! I've signed up for a 3 day ticket, but now find I won't be able to get to London until around 10pm on Friday evening. My plan is to delay my attendance at the convention until Saturday morning. Can I still pick up my "goodie bag" on Saturday morning? It sounds like a daft question, but I just wanted to make sure I can still have it! Andy
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