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  1. jedinik

    Guest Suggestions

    It's time for Tom Baker to join London comic con.
  2. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    OOPS what happened !!!
  3. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    Please head line Tom Baker !!! Please !!!!
  4. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    Tom Baker would be amazing !!!
  5. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    Tom Baker would be amazing guest !!!
  6. we need Sylvester McCoy too you can't have one without the over.
  7. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    Misfits last session is on Channel 4 now how about getting all the stars from the show in one last stand. ​ ​ Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Robert Sheehan are introduced as Alisha Daniels, Simon Bellamy, Kelly Bailey, Curtis Donovan, and Nathan Young respectively. Sheehan left after the second series, replaced in the third byJoseph Gilgun as Rudy Wade. After the third series was announced Rheon, Thomas and Socha had left their roles and would be replaced by new cast members Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen and Matt Stokoe, as Jess, Finn and Alex respectively. Midway through the fourth series, Stewart-Jarrett left while Natasha O'Keeffe joined the cast as Abbey Smith.
  8. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    Roger Lloyd-Pack from Doctor who and Only Fools and Horses
  9. jedinik

    Guest suggestions

    simon pegg and nick frost Would be a crowd puller.
  10. jedinik

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be the best guest ever !!
  11. jedinik

    Welcome To the Crewing Area

    A big thank you for letting me join your team at Cardiff comic com Had a great time see you all in London Nik Gaskell