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  1. I would LOVE any of the these guys to attend! Would be one very happy bunny!
  2. Come on already this girl is far too impatient and LOTR, HOBBIT or TWD cast and I'll be over the moon..
  3. now I am gutted I can't make it... love Ludo please bring him back to future events so I can have a cuddle!
  4. I can not agree with the above comments more!! This was my First LFCC, I've done a couple of the Milton Keynes collectormanias but this was just out of this world AWESOME!! The guests were so great with everyone and the crew were amazing too! Thank you Showmasters for the amazing line up and the brilliant organisation even though I know Saturday was a hectic one for you guys you did good!! and as above... NORMAN F-ING REEDUS IS THE MAN!!! Totally in love with him ( and Pater and Jason) all amazing!
  5. OK You guys have just made my life!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! This is going to be one EPIC convention!
  6. this has just made my life lol... I just hope I can get their early enough!! Please let us know if JCB is staying for pics and signing Thanks so much guys this is awesome.. I LOVE the books and can't wait for the movie!
  7. I never did come back here and thank you for this Dawn!!! it's amazing!!
  8. not that I'm impatient or anything but.......
  9. This is the best news EVER!!! I run Pats official fan page and this needs to be seen! Thanks so much, Jessica Brennan will be a very happy lady! X
  10. Everyone will agree that Patricks performance this weekend was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I know we were not allowed to film it but I understand from talking to Pat and some of the other guests that one of the crew may have recorded it... I am down on my knees when I say this ... PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE is there anyway we can get this?? I have spoken to Patrick myself and he is happy for this and his wife is also desperate to see it too!!!? Thanks again to all involve for an amazing weekend it sure was my favourite convention to date... and although small it went out with a bang :) I am beyond grateful! x
  11. Thank you doesn't even cut it... I aim so beyond grateful for the memories you have given me at these conventions... I am not sure what else to say but you are all amazing and I will miss all the crew as much as all the friends I have met through the cons. This weekend was beyond magical for me, I will never forget it... *cue tears*
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