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  1. I did drop them an email too as I know this isnt down to showmasters to sort, juat wanted to highlight it
  2. Fish may have been bad but just getting chips was a winner as they were actually pretty good for a venue place. That and the beer tap in there plus it was pretty nice and quiet at about 5 to enjoy said beer!
  3. Thanks Queen, yeah dont think the lift thing can be helped, i dont think the 13 people limit was accurate as it did it with 4 people, although i dont think more could have fit...maybe its like the classic clown car gag?
  4. One point which can hopefully be thought about for next year is support for families. Every baby changing table we found in the loos were broken so we really stuggles with that thia year. Not showmasters fault but would be good if they could check that the Olympia is ready to sort these things in preparation. That and the lift issue where by the doors would often get stuck and not open resilting in trapped people for a few trips up and down before they did. We did get an employee to look at it but feel for those inside, must have been stifling in there!
  5. I have to say I was bit nervy having to bring my 1 year old as i didnt want him getting bashed about in his pushchair. I have to say though that everyone was really polite and parted for us to get through. Our only issue of the day was that lift issue. We could only find 1 which went between the 2 floors and at times we were waiting over 20 minutes to use it. Didnt mind that so much but the queue was then past the toilets which obviously caused people who needed the loo to literally climb over the pushchair not to mention people in wheelchairs. I know there were other lifts but they didnt go to the stalls floor. Probably cant really be helped but with the number of less abled folks they must have found it very tiring and lost so much time to meet guests, photos etc. All in all though great event this year and my toddler had a great time with all the cosplayers!!
  6. Its definitely @Raylenth right next to the awesome fudge stall!!
  7. Bit of feedback for the lovely showmasters crew for the Rob Liefeld desk. For a very difficult situation she was an asset!
  8. Is there only 1 small lift between the floors? The queue is crazy and the lifts on the outsides dont take you to the stall floor?
  9. As @OurDeksaid it does depend on who you are after but i managed 23 and left 2 hours early in 2014. That included Carrie Fisher, Summer Glau and Georgio Romero that year. Didnt do diamond passes then
  10. I am so excited to get there tomorrow, the live feeds on instagram have been great. Only 12 hours until I get to leave!!
  11. Awesome thanks, i missed the bit about the queue hall!
  12. Judging by this mornings pics, am I right in thinking we can queue inside tomorrow morning? Does anyone know what time the holding area opens? Will definitely help having to feed my toddler whilst waiting!
  13. Thanks @Raylenth hes actually just messaged me on instagram advising that his VIP packs are just picked up at his desk so I can relax now! Should have plenty of time to meet a few people before hand!
  14. Thats why I rely on the great people of the forum! Or my wife for facebook updates.
  15. Ah amazing! Thank you so much for this. Only downside to not having social media!
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