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  1. Ophelia Lovibond Thor: The Dark World Guardians of the Galaxy Elementary
  2. Djimon Hounsou I would pay for Diamond Pass to meet him too. Would be such a great voice for audio dramas too like Big Finish.
  3. Sacha Dhawan I would pay for Diamond Pass to meet him.
  4. Film: Mortal Engine Robert Sheehan Hera Hilmar (Hera Hilmarsdóttir) Colin Salmon (also played Dr Moon in Doctor Who Episode 4.8: "Silence in the Library" / Episode 4.9: "Forest of the Dead") Hugo Weaving (Matrix Fame) Jihae Doctor Who David Tennant Catherine Tate Hugh Quarshie Colin Salmon (2nd repeat but good cast always worth repeating) Big Finish Lisa Greenwood Lisa Bowerman Farscape Gigi Edgley Star Wars Hayden Christensen
  5. Twitter Mutuals of mine speak highly of him being great with fans. I remember seeing him at Birmingham NEC having a great sense of humor and banter with Colin Baker. Thinking about this more would be great to see Colin Baker and Micheal Jayston do talk together.
  6. Clive Owen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clive_Owen
  7. Hello, I am curious how many numbers within each Diamond Pass Batch? There are sixteen batches. Is it 1-50 per Batch?
  8. I have already paid for photo with Jenna Coleman and would like to upgrade to Diamond Pass. Is it possible to pay for Diamond Pass with deduction for Photo already paid for? £105-£35=£70.00
  9. Lisa Bowerman would be another good guest from BIG FINISH
  10. I would love for you to Invite Gigi Edgley who Played Chiana in Farscape https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigi_Edgley
  11. Lisa Greenwood of Big Finish for London Film Fair including photo shoot
  12. Hello, is there any chance please this timetable could be converted to Excel? This would allow filters and find to help. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I l know this is only draft and will update on Monday but would be great please if Schedule be in Excel? Filters and Find tool will it make it easier to see clashes as difficult to line up times. Thanks.
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