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  1. MarxistWhovian

    Guest Suggestions

    Lisa Greenwood of Big Finish for London Film Fair including photo shoot
  2. MarxistWhovian

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Hello, is there any chance please this timetable could be converted to Excel? This would allow filters and find to help. Thanks.
  3. MarxistWhovian

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Hello, I l know this is only draft and will update on Monday but would be great please if Schedule be in Excel? Filters and Find tool will it make it easier to see clashes as difficult to line up times. Thanks.
  4. MarxistWhovian


    Do you pay extra for autograph pre order? Is this different from using a Diamond Pass? Could some clarify please? Thank you.
  5. Brought Diamond Pass. Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor. Hopefully I will have finished my fan art for Christopher Eccleston to sign!
  6. MarxistWhovian

    Game of thrones LFCC - Charles Dance - Tywin!

    Charles Dance Historical Nerd Fact: Discovered on Who Do you Think you are his Father was 72 when he was born. Charles Dance study Photography at University. I studied photography for two years at college something I have in common with Charles Dance.
  7. MarxistWhovian

    Big Finish actors

    Hello, I would love to have Lisa Greenwood as guest at Showmasters. She is best know as Flip. Would pay for photo too.