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  1. Jason, Thank you for your post. From someone whom was running one of the Fanzone Stand (STARFLEET - The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc - Stand (Section) 31 I can say this. FANTASTIC EVENT! The level of interest in the group was outstanding and the BEST convention we have ever had the privaledge of being able to attend of the last 3 years. From the Media 10 team to the Press Office were always on hand to answer any questions we had. We would love to be able to be more involved if you run a pure or large Trek guest convention again. I say this openly and publicly WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. It was sad to see it end (My feet disagreed!!!). Thank you again to the Showmasters Team, Jo and Media 10, The Press Team. Raises glass of Blood Wine - Qaplah. STARFLEET International recruitment@20thfleet.org.uk
  2. Staying there (Docklands) Fri & Sat night's. I can be contacted on Twitter: SciFi1108
  3. Thankfully and thanks to SM I got to meet him in 2010. BOWS HEAD
  4. Yes please. A Star Trek and Star Wars actor. 'Best of both worlds!'
  5. A Star Trek and Star Wars I would be in heaven. Yes please SM
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