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  1. Great news for people in Cardiff :) Any news on rescheduling the blue water event that was planned last year?
  2. I bought a carrier bag full of kenner alien and predator figures really cheap but the best find of the day was the movie star teenage mutant ninja turtle leo figure for only £2.00 which any tmnt collector knows the movie star line is the hardest and most sought after line to collect. Even at a con you can find that holy grail figure and not have to pay those crazy high online prices for :) I was really happy when I found it in a box under a stall. It really made up for having to leave the show early.
  3. Here is what I got signed. I really hope they bring Zack Galligan back :) And here is my my Lee Bradley TMNT sketch I got commissioned
  4. This is the best news I have had in ages! I have been wanting to meet this guest for so long now. I am very happy!!! Thank you showmasters.
  5. What a great guest! does anyone know roughly what the going rate for a convention sketch is? or what people have paid for in the past? Would also be great to see some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artists at this years LFCC fingers crossed! :)
  6. Any chance of booking him? would love to meet him
  7. Hello, I am not sure where I should post this but is the blue water event still going to happen? I can't find anything anywhere about it. Thanks
  8. No of course I would not expect it to be free! They are providing a service and that is fair enough. However the £6.00 for the dedication on the autograph, I would usually expect that to be in the fee you are paying for the autograph itself. As it is when you go to the event but thank you for your help and for the link. I will have to try and get someone to pick one up for me. Enjoy the show
  9. Well that sucks. I guess I will just have to try and make it to the event.
  10. Thanks for the link but there a bit expensive. an extra £6.00 on top of their fee just to have the autographa made out to me then postage it ends up being £25.49 for something that is only £10 at the show. Is there any other way to get a hold of one? I don't mind paying a bit extra but £25.49 is a bit much! Showmasters should have a pre order for people who can't attend. Sorry if this seems like a bit of a moan. I just feel sites like that are taking advantage of the fans.
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