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  1. I met a couple from America who had never been to England but flew in specially and left on Sunday night
  2. Yes there are today but not at the weekend it was only Tshirts and programmes
  3. Why would you have a pass that needed a lanyard if they did not intent to supply one. I used one from home on the second day. They website only showed t shirts and programmes for sale up to today.
  4. Just a litle niggle. On Friday afternoon after queuing an hour and a half to collect my prepaid 3 day pass because it could not be posted in time I was told that thry had run out of Lanyards so had to carry it in my pocket. This did not really bother me until I just checked in on the merchandise page of the website to see if anything was reduced now the show is finished and guess what they are for sale on there for £7.
  5. I also got the same email Yesterday and I am in the uk. Will the autograph information etc be with the ticket when I collect it from the box office today?
  6. My 3 day pass I ordered early Tuesday morning did not arrive but I got an email saying I need to collect it from the box office that should be fun
  7. If my 3 day pass does not arrive in time will I be able to collect it at the venue?
  8. I was originally only coming for one day but on Tuesday morning I decided to buy a 3 day pass. I ordered Kate Mulgrew talk ticket at the same time which arrived today but no sign of the 3 day pass. I checked the ticket master website and unlike with the talk ticket it does not say anything about prepared for despatch or sent just the date and time it was ordered so I am guessing it will not arrive tomorrow. If they send it tomorrow with the state of the postal service it is unlikely to arrive before I have to leave to catch my train to get to the venue. So what do I do?
  9. Looking at the schedules there does not seem to be a loy going on in terms of talks and photoshoots would this be a good time for getting the autographs I want or is there not going to be many guests signing on that day?
  10. So you don't collect them at the entrance. Will there be a collection point.?
  11. I f I have a 3 day pass but can't actually make the Friday will I still get my goodies when I arrive on Saturday or do I lose out on them?
  12. I got one from allposters.com http://www.allposters.co.uk/-sp/Star-Trek-Posters_i5276079_.htm
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