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  1. Scott Bakula Carel Struycken Simon Pegg
  2. Rats missed But only might have bid higher on 1 or 2 lots BUT not by much so probably would have been out bid :-( Here's to next year
  3. Heres the list I've built. Opinions???
  4. Thanks Lot 47 is misnamed I've added Lot 11 to my list, please send me the required paperwork :-) Alan We don't have pictures for lot 24 or 47 Lot 25 is at the bottom of the middle picture, underneath the picture of Kenny Baker as Darth Vader We'll try and get more pictures up later tonight.
  5. Very interested in Lots 11, 24, 25, 37, and 47 Could you point out these on the photos please?
  6. I thinking of sorting out a Star Trek Party CD for the car. What tracks should I put on it? It could even become the playlist for one of the "Parties" PS/ The Firm's Star Trekking is banned
  7. We set it 2 years ago at 99 people. It is now held by America (Las Vegas) at 1040 people !!!!! http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-...trek-characters Time to bring the record home????
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