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  1. Josh holloway would be amazing id travel anywhere in the uk to meet him lol 😉
  2. Mike Perez just asked me to contact showmasters and give you his email address, he looks after some of the nightmare cast and wants to help set up a nightmare reunion in the UK this was what he just said to me "Tell these folks to contact me, and I will make it happen michael@mp-ent.com" Will you please just contact him and see what happens even if this is for next year please try😊
  3. Rachel talalay and Bradley Gregg have also commented that they would both be up for it, this would of made a fab event if it had of been possible 😟 but still no harm in trying
  4. Yes I would aswell I would want a photo with all of them and autographs lol
  5. We could never forget her don't worry it's just that I'm not friends with her on facebook so I couldn't tag her and she only has a private profile (heather anderson) but dosnt accept fans or I would have included her in the list but yes heather would be amazing aswell xx
  6. I do understand that the cost is the main problem and it's a shame really but there is no harm in trying, you never know☺️☺️☺️
  7. After posting this feed on my facebook page yesterday i got an amazing responce back from a range of actors and actresses that would be more than willing and would actually love the idea of coming to england to see us fans at one or more of your conventions, please see the link below to take a look at the responces we got from alot of the nightmare cast. https://www.facebook...&type=1 if the link dosnt work let me know and i will try and fix it Anyway the names mentioned where as follows and the responce was fantastic, some of these people really want to come but always say that they need to be INVITED FIRST all i am asking is that you please do think about asking them, they make an amazing effort with there fans all over the world and it would be nice for us to meet them for a change !!! Brooke Theiss Nicholas Mele Craig Wasson Toy Newkirk Danny Hassel Lezlie Deane Tuesday Knight Greta Blackburn Frank Ashmore Yaphet F Kotto Mark Patton Graham Erwin Alex Vincent Andras Jones Bradley Gregg Penelope Sudrow Robert Englund ( i know hes been over loads before i get shouted at) Rachel Talalay Jane Badler Ken Sagoes Robert Rustler Zack Ward Jsu Garcia Ronee Blakley Steven Van Zandt Beatrice Boepple Ricky Dean Logan Rhet Topham Alice Badler Rodney Eastman Mandy Patinkin Kelly Jo Minter Lin Shaye Lisa E Wilcox Richard E Grant Then to my surprise :clap: Mark Patton Greta Blackburn Ronee Blakley Andras Jones Danny Hassel Toy Newkirk Lisa E Wilcox Rhet Topham Kelly Jo Minter Tuesday Knight all responded with amazing enthusiasm and would love to come over, all we are asking you showmasters is that you try PLEASE !!!!!! (please ignore my terrible spelling) many thanx rachael. xxx
  8. I would be interested in the street team and I've emailed you about the flyers I own a local newsagents and would be more than happy to advertise this and help make it a success !!!
  9. Anyone from the original v series and as many nightmare on elm street cast as possible and robert englund pleeeeaaaaese 😊😊😊
  10. So happy only 15 minutes away for me better start saving now( I own a newsagents very near I am quite happy to advertise this to help make it a success I can give out flyers etc or put up some posters ) just saying 😊😊😊😊😊😊
  11. I am so so happy that you are coming to my home city there are no words to descibe how happy i am :clap: :clap:
  12. Tuesday knight and Danny hassel from nightmare 4 have both said to me that they would love to come if they got invited pleeeeaase invite them and the rest of the cast that would be sooo amazing and I know so many other fans would feel the same !!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊 Robert englund Lisa Wilcox Tuesday knight Danny hassel Ken sagoes Rodney Eastman Andras jones Toy newkirk Brook theiss
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