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  1. Yeah my husband follows me around during times like these to remind me to breathe.
  2. Leave it to me to go into full panic mode when tickets sell out. It's ok. I am calm now. This is the last UK event I will get to attend before I move back to the US, so I am really looking forward to it! I had to wait until last minute to buy everything since I wasn't sure until recently if I would still be here, so things got a bit hectic for me.
  3. OK...it's just weird. One second they were in my cart and the next they just disappeared. Thanks for notifying someone for me.
  4. Have you ever bought on the door? I went to a Wales con earlier this year and waited for 3 hours just to buy tickets on the door. Will I get in there in time for my photo ops because I bought 2 photo ops before noticing my entry tickets didn't make it in my cart?
  5. Ooook...one second they are in stock and the next they are sold out. Is anyone else seeing this?
  6. Any idea why it won't let me buy early bird for Saturday?? It shows they are in stock but when I add them to my cart they disappear!! I bought photo tickets and I thought I bought early bird too, but after I checked out and paid I realized that my entry tickets never made it in. Please help! If I can't buy the early bird for Saturday then I probably won't go since the queue to buy just standard entry that day is going to be a nightmare!!
  7. Oh no!! How could Showmasters do that to you!?! How dare them! You have plenty of time to start Battlestar Galactica and fall in love with this man before the event! Just saying
  8. Yeah I am confused about this too. The tickets are gone and the main site isn't even working anymore.
  9. Yaaay more chances for Idris Elba or Charlie Hunnam to be announced. I need more Pacific Rim guests, pleeease This event is going to be fab!
  10. I just noticed Clifton Collins on the page yesterday...so now I am on edge for more Pacific Rim people. Anyone really would satisfy my fangirling heart!
  11. I'm sure there's a please in there somewhere Psssh I don't have time for manners when it comes to Pacific Rim! Born and raised in Texas...I am making my parents super proud right now. I will put myself in time out.
  12. I don't think so since you can buy tickets for this on the LFCC online shop while all the gold tickets are gone. **edit** Whoops...apparently it is.
  13. Yaaay she was added! Thanks Showmasters! Sorry to be a bother. I will shut up now.
  14. So I saw that the list was updated on the site and lots of authors were added...still no Holly Black. Is it safe to assume that the announcement in the forum for her was an error yet? Just trying to plan out my stuff....
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