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  1. Actually she is on the website now. And he is still on it as a guest.
  2. Ok this sucks..... On the other hand it will save me loads of cash as I probably won't bother going now (and thus spending more on other peeps as well). However, if a certain Admiral would show up... Or a Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan or basically anyone from BSG
  3. He was just 20 pounds when I met him a year ago at a smaller convention. He might have costed a lot more though with this thing.
  4. He's doing an event in the Netherlands the weekend before G-MEX so it would be great if they could get him for this one as well. Ethan rules
  5. Terminator Firefly The Next Generation Deep Space Nine
  6. I still have hope that there will be some rarer guest announcements or non regulars but so far. Yup pretty dissapointing, esp since I gave C10 a miss for this one while there were at least 7 I wanted there and now just Miranda. At least I'll be seeing lots of friends again.
  7. Yes please. Battlestar Glactica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Miranda Otto Others are all repeats or none to my interest unfortunately.
  9. Oh C'monn surely I'm not the only person who would like to see guests from this show? They did tons of other stuff as well. Mary McDonnell, Lucy Lawless, Dean Stockwell.... sniff
  10. Good bump. I was thinking about him as a guest sgeestion yesterday. Especially since he has done so much like Sin City and Batman Begins since his last appearance at CM.
  11. Even if a guest is confirmed it's still not a certain thing he/ she will show. So I always want to see to believe first. I'm not counting on him but if he does: Yay.
  12. One of SM has confirmed in the pinned topic he was coming and he said it when handing out flyers at an event.
  13. William Fichtner from Prison Break, Invasion and loads of other stuff. And again BSG guests!!!
  14. Fresh blood like Ian Holm David Wenham Karl Urban Marton Csokas Christopher Lee
  15. Grace Park would be great. Have lots and lots of stuff that needs to be signed by her. Other BSG cast members would be awesome as well like Mary McDonnell, Dean Stockwell, Alessandro Juliano, Michael Hogan and Lucy Lawless to name just a few.
  16. BSG: Mary McDonnell Tricia Helfer Lucy Lawless Dean Stockwell Alesandro Juliani Grace Park Richard Hatch Jamie Bamber Michael Hogan DS9: Nana Visitor William Sadler Casey Biggs Marc Alaimo Colm Meany Cirroc Lofton Terry Farrell Rene Auberjonois etc.. LOTR: Karl Urban David Wenham Lost: William Mapother X-Men: Aaron Stanford Shawn Ashmoore Kelly Hu Rebecca Romijn Tyler Mane
  17. Miranda Otto and Brandon Routh if they show.
  18. I would love to see William Mapother (Ethan) preferably for G-Mex 2.
  19. I wonder which pic of him will be on the board of the day of the signing, the car or his real face LOL.
  20. That monopoly board sounds very nice :) Anyways here's my updated list and about time, two years shees.. *-* All in peron unless otherwise stated. TOS Leonard Nimoy William Shatner (via friend) George Takei Walter Koenig 2x Robin Curtis Nichelle Nichols Grace Lee Whitny Majel Barett Roddenberry Kim Cattrall 3x The Next Generation Patrick Stewart 2x Brent Spiner 2x Gates McFadden 2x Denise Crosby Marina Sirtis Michael Dorn 2x TNG Jonathan Frakes 3x LeVar Burton (via friend) Robert O' Reilly Dwight Schultz Deep Space 9 Avery Brooks 2x Alexander Siddig Rene Auberjonois Colm Meany (pulled his auto from a card box thingie) Micheal Dorn on DS9 Nicole DeBoer Terry Farrell (not IP) Nana Visitor (not IP) Penny Johnson J.G. Hertzler 2x Chase Masterson Andrew Robinson + note where he's inviting me to visit his play in LA Lolita Fatjo Max Grodencick Mark Allan Shepherd Marc Alaimo auto card VOYAGER I have met Kate Mulgrew 2x now but never got her sig (forgot cast photo D'OH!) Robert Beltran Robert Duncan McNeill Roxann Dawson Robert Picardo Tim Russ Garett Wang Ethan Phillips Richard Herd ENTERPRISE Jolene Blalock Anthony Montgommery John Billingsly Connor Trineer Vaughn Armstrong
  21. Miranda Otto Karl Urban David Wenham Richard Taylor
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