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  1. I know shes been mentioned before, and people have poo-poo'd it, saying shes too big a star, but come on, her IMDB entry isn't that busy, healthy sure, but nearly all tv shows, no films (not recently anyways). If Elijah wasn't too big to get, I think Lucy should be a safe bet!! Xena was a cracking show & still stands up well today. Its got a good cult following, not harmed by a spate of 10th aniversary stuff last year, which she was more than happy to take part in. Its mainly Lucy I would love to meet, but if Renée O'Connor happened to be sitting next to her, how many wouldn't take that oppertunity??! C'mon Showmasters - Can we have her?? PLEASE????!
  2. waaaay to much info for me i'm afraid - I had already assumed that even celebs have a sh*t, so hardly big news - although you not being able to wait to post it, says more about you than them (sure rusty & sam will both be delighted that you posted). If your interested in the dump I dropped today, let me know, or is it only celeb craps you get off on??......
  3. wow the filmography was impressive - has done nothing for 39 years!!! now that is some 'resting'!
  4. disney dude you are indeed a powerful see'er of the future, i bow to your uncanny ability to predict (LOL!)
  5. Nice one SM - although not an obvious character, it's actually one of the harder autographs to track down - i've been 50/50 about CM10, but this is the one I needed to tip me over the edge - I'll be there! Any chance of getting Rose (L. Scott Caldwell) to go with him???? Pretty Please???!!
  6. good call - would be up for those.... along with burt ward, John Wesley Shipp, Matt Salinger AND nic hammond of course!!
  7. yup 10 out of 10 EW - thank you for CARING, and not just taking the money and running like so many other big names (i'm looking at Mr Shatner too!!! his ears must be burning by now). Well done SM and well done Elijah.
  8. Carrie was fantastic, with me anyways. She was very chatty, was more than happy to pose for a pic with me (despite the "no posed photos" sign right behind her stall!), and was more than happy to personalise the signature. I really couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Carrie! That goes for everone i met today too, Elijah (eventually!!), Jerry Robinson, Kenny Baker & Peter Mayhew were all very pleasant indeed - and really made the day for me. From what I could see of the other guests as I was queuing, there was plenty of chat and posed photos going on. The best CM event i've been to so far.
  9. congrats SM on getting another top notch A-lister to the event, but £45 is, in my opinion, a joke. I don't think anyone does themselves any favours on the forum when they say stuff like:- "£25?? bargain, I would have paid £50" "cant believe XXX is so cheap" etc etc If you think its a good price, great, but i'd keep it to yourself, SM see all these comments, and now ya got yerself a rip off £45 autograph!! It was less than a year ago that SM were justifying £25 for shatner at CM8, an now we're asked to swallow £45??! Obviously its each to his own, but i don't think things look good for future events if they are unindated with people waving £45 in the air for Mr Lee.... Travel, parking, entrance fee and OTT prices, is pricing me out of the game. oh and by the way, I would have LOVED to meet him & get his auto, but will not be pandering to that price...
  10. great idea - gets my thumbs up. I have been collecting superhero autos for many years, particularly batman villains, but still a few i'd like to see:- Totally agree with Mr N hammond - how cool would that be? Lou Ferrigno - the truly ultimate Hulk? Julie Newmar - ('the') Catwoman Burt Ward - we had Batman at CM8, bout time for Robin? Yvonne Craig - and batgirl too? Would love to see some of the great mobsters 'molls' from Batman (delighted to see Grace Lee Whitney AKA Neila one of King Tuts molls is at London F&CC - just hope that have a Batman pic amoungst all the ST ones!) June Wilkinson - Evelina (and top playboy model from 50's & 60's, and born in ESSEX!!!) Diane McBain - Colonel Glums Moll, Pinky and also The Mad Hatters Moll, Lisa the delightful Deanna Lund - The Riddlers Anna Gram Leslie Gore - Julie Newmars assistant in crime, Pussycat Nancy Kovack - the Jokers fiendishly beautiful moll, Queenie Susan Silo - The riddlers moll, Mousey Any others? Lets make CM10 a superhero special!
  11. man, if i could get twenty quid a pop for it i'd be there every day 7 days a week!!!! I'd swap jobs with him in a flash!
  12. wicked! The line up for london is already 100 times better than MK... so ya gonna get the complete set of hobbits again SM? or am i just being greedy??! seriously, reuniting the 4 hobbits (again) would be awsome.
  13. i'm hoping there is going to be some fairly major additions, as IMHO this is a poor line up so far. Have been to every MK show & there is always plenty on offer for me (too much sometimes!) but so far there is not one person i'm nterested in! honestly. Is it just me or anyone else think its a stinker so far??
  14. well done fella! you must be very proud... you did it!!!
  15. weird - i got a e-mail from SM Monday lunchtime telling me guests for all 3 (manchester, MK, London) would be annouched at 7pm.... bummer
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