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  1. OMG WOW WOW !!!! gonna be such an expensive weekend for me now
  2. god cant believe shes going have such a craving now to watch the ginger snaps movies love her in them so much my favourite franchise horror films
  3. lol...ok now im interested.....a glue maybe by any chance ?
  4. lol lizzy is desperate to know so put her out of her misery
  5. showmasters arent even online so i think the chance of a reply are pretty slim tonight
  6. why anounce a guest for a set time if your server cannot cope with the traffic this has happened so many times before never learn lesson
  7. Today is Lizzys Birthday so happy birthday baby !!!!
  8. OMG i cant wait to meet him, i love jetfire, after prime of course the best transformer from the movie
  9. i agree its not on....people deserve some kind of answer and reply and i cant understand at all why threads are being made in the bitten section talking about booking more guests when this one is a month away and why a similar post has not been added here
  10. yeah just echo everything had an amazing time
  11. god i spent way way way too much, i got.... DVDS Let The Right One In (Region 1) One Missed Call (Japanese Version) One Missed Call 2 (Japanese Version) Transformers: The Movie (Blu-Ray) Justice League (Video) A Tonne of Comics Some Dr Who Little Figures and a really cool Jason Voorhees Figure a Superman Belt Buckle and a light up superman belt
  12. Ok to get things back on track just want to say a huge thanks to you guys for these buses cus now I'm going to be arriving early, so now I can get the bus from the station to get to the show.....so just a huge thanks guys
  13. amazing guest cant wait to meet him....alway need another Superman guest !!
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