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  1. Elijah Wood! I met him in 2006 at LFCC and he was such a great guest. Please bring him back!
  2. Thought - Primeval? I reckon Merlin and Primeval might go quite well together, I think a lot of people who like one of the shows also like the other. There's a lot of people I know who like both anyway but I may of course be wrong. Personally, I'm not sure if I'd be able to attend another event as my parents limit me to three conventions a year (I might be able to persuade them to make that four hopefully) and so far it's; The Hub 4, Roadhouse & The Hub 5 for this year but I also want to go to Bitten and Bad Wolf. The top two programmes for me though from that list in the poll would
  3. I want a primeval con too! I love it
  4. A Primeval event would be amazing! It would also be easy to get guests for because they all live in the uk anyway.
  5. Showmasters, I know I look completely obsessed but please could you try to get Elijah Wood as a gbuest this year? I loved meeting him, it was the best day ever. Please please pleeeease :) also any chance of getting makeup artists from movies as guests? like the makeup artists form harry potter.. etc
  6. yes please! i would love this
  7. the merlin cast would be great guests!
  8. He was such a good guest in 2006. Please bring him back. I would love to meet him again!
  9. Elijah Wood pleeeease! I would love ot meet him again. He was so nice! and Dexter cast
  10. Stephen Moyer - Bill Compton please please pleeeeease! xxx
  11. Well I went today especially to see James Marsters, who I have met before at collectormania in Milton Keynes last may! I wanted to get my photo of me and him signed. I can't believe I trecked all the way to milton keynes last time and now he's come to manchester which is only half an hour away from my house!! oh well, was worth it!! Anyway I got there for 11 and saw him no problem. The ticket number for signings was on 1-90 and my ticket no was 309! But as soon as I'd looked round all the stalls and bought whatever, my ticket had been called and it was time for me to go in. I was in
  12. I went today and I bought an elijah wood standee which i've wanted for ages, with him as frodo! it was only 10 pound but at another stand I'd seen it for 40!!! what a bargain! he is now stood in the corner of my room hehe if that doesn't show im an obsessed fan I don't know what will!! My sister also bought 2 doctor who (david tennant) pictures so she can get them signed if she ever meets him and a john barrowman picture to get signed when we go and meet him next april!
  13. They normally go to the G-Mex don't they? Would love to meet them again!!!
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