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  1. Ok, so I went today and it's only my second collectormania (i went to the gmex in feb) and it was really fun. I arrived and started cuing at about 8 and it was freezing. I got inside at about 9:10 and to my relief it was nice and warm, me and my sister headed straight to the talk tickets to grab us a Hot Fuzz and Robert Englund ticket, after that we went and got the tickets for the guests, we grabbed : James and Oliver Phelps, Robert Englund, Miranda Otto and Andrew Bryniarski was an ope cue which was cool. At about 9:20 we went to see James and Oliver, here's what happened:- James and Oliver Phelps: We were about 4th in the cue or something and I wasn't actually getting an autograph I was just tagging along with my sister because she wanted her picture taken, anyways, she icked up a picture and handed it to James and he looked at it and then looked back at us and aid: that's oliver. My sis was so embarrassed she immediatly went and switched it, James posed for a photo and we moved on to see Oliver (they were at seperate stalls) again he posed for a picure and then moved on. Anyway we looked round the stalls and we both bought a few lost cards and stuff and then it was time to go and see Robert Englund. Here's what happened:- Robert Englund: After getting my picture (a cool one of him as freddy with his glove and everything) we both went to see him, while my sis got her picture signed I took a picture and while I got my picture signed, it said, For Brad, sleep illz, Fraddy, Robert Englund my sis took a picture, seeing that we were taking picture (it said no posed photos) he looked up and said he'd pose so we both got pictures of him putting on a mean face and holding up his hand in a claw shape, he was a really nice guy, I asked him about the rumor I heard on the internet about a possible nightamre prequel, he explained that they were in talks and that he had heard they were writing the script. We both left very satisfied Now by now we were looking at the Andrew Bryniarski spot, he hadn't arrived yet, we asked a crew member and they said that he would be here by half 10, it was now 10:05 so to kill the time we looked around the stalls to see if there was anything interesting but nothing caught my eye, I was concentrating more on meeting the guests I wanted to meet. At half 10 Andrew arrived and we were second in line for meeting him, I got a cool picture that looked like he was about to bring the chainsaw down and my sis got one that was him stood in a doorway, we met him and he was talking to Robert Englund (they had obviously met before) and he signed my picture writing on it, NEXT, ANDREW BRYNIARSKI (DEAD FACE) and the exact same opn my sisters on he ut Bex is next, I hopped up on the table and got a picture with him while we were both doing the rock on sign and my sis did the same, again we left very very satisfied. Our time had finally come to meet Miranda Otto (well, I was my sis was just taking a picture of me with her like I did with Oliver and James) I picked a picture that was here looking around in the Lord Of The Rings. I met her and we said hi, she didnt really speak much but then again neither did I. She wrote, Dear Brad, lovely meeting you, Miranda Otto. I couldnt get a photo of me with her but I did get one of her looking up and smiling at the camera, and I then decided that she was one of the hottest actresses around. I left very happy. It was around 11:30 and we had met all the people we wanted to meet so we looked around and went and got something to eat. We got back at about 12, we had an hour and a half to kill before we went to the Robert Englund talk so we just kept walking around the satlls, I bought Fraddy Vs Jason 2 disc edition for £3 (bargain) and then we sat down for the rest of the time. 1:30 came and we queued up for the talk, it wasn't very full so we got to the front, I got to ask Robert another question, I asked: Apart from Feddy who's yur favourite horror character and why? He replied saying it was Frankenstein but that he also liked Hannibal Lectar and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family. After the talk we queued up for the Hot Fuzz talk which went all the way aroundthe talk area. We got in and were close to the back. The talk was really funny, we saw a couple of clips ( the film looks brilliant) and then tried to get a free t-shirt which didnt work, after that we queued up to get an autograph, an hour later we were at the front of the queue but none of the autographs would be personalised which we were a bit upset about but at least we were meeting them. I got a good picture of Nick Frost smiling for the camera and a couple of Simobn Pegg. Nick Frost signed a picture of Simons head on the picture while Simon was also signing a picture of his head on a smaller picture, Nick told him he had signed his head so Simon signed his head and I eneded up getting 3 autographs, I laughed out loud when Nick said: Simon, I just signed your head. and Simon said: Well then Im gonna sign yours. We were near enough done now but we heard off our friends that Andrew Bryniarski was walking around drunk asking for cigerettes so we looked for him and found him going back to his stand, we stopped him and asked him for a picture and he said yes so we both got an extra picture of him with his arm around us seperatley, he was defiantly drunk because he started mumbling and then said that he looked like my sister. We neded to waste our picttures on our cameras so we ran up to the Miranda Otto stand and took several pictures of her signing and then with my last one I got yet another picture of Andrew posing with his teeth bared and cross eyed. And that's it, we had loads of fun and were really pleased with who we met, we decided that the nicest guest there was Robert Englund and the Coolest guy was Andrew Bryniarski. Hope You all had fun! Brad
  2. Hey guys! I was just wondering who is everyone gonna be meeting in November at Gmex 2 so come on tell us all! Im meeting: Miranda Otto Robert Englund Andrew Bryniarski (and when he is definately announced by SM) Brandon Routh So who are you meeting?
  3. Yes! WHOOO! Great guest thanks SM Gmex 2 is looking good! The only thing im upset about is that i can only go 1 day and im definately getting the photosoot done with Miranda but I also wanted it done for Robert but there on different days! Oh well, Id rather have my picture taken with her anyway.
  4. bring in EMMY ROSSUM!!!!!!!! and JOSH LUCAS!!!! sorry i gotta meet Emmy Rossum she's so hot! Anyone from poseidon would be good really! I still want people from Lost (Emilie de Ravin) Gotta have Jessica Biel! Anyone from X-men 3! Loving the fact that Leatherface is coming- great guest! I also want... EMMY ROSSUM!! Sorry I love Day after tomorrow, poseidon and phantom of the opera! Ok im done! EMMY ROSSUM!
  5. lostguy


    I would love a lost convention especially if emilie de ravin and evangeline lilly were there
  6. venom has been confirmed in a recent interview Thomos Hayden Church has said that he has seen the work they are doing on VENOM and it is amazing
  7. lostguy

    Fave Horror Movie

    i love the hills have eyes remake.
  8. We gotta have someone else from lost (emilie de ravin or evangeline lilly would be best) but i would also like to see aaron stanford (pyro-x-men, doug- hills have eyes) naomi watts (anne- king kong) alexis bledel ( becky- sin city) and kelsey grammer (beast-x-men 3)
  9. sorry i forgot Terry O ' Quinn I f you want him then just post it on
  10. Which lost star would you most like to see at Collectormania Gmex 2? I chose Emilie de Ravin I decided to start this poll cause I thought lots of people would like to see more lost stars. Pick your fave
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