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  1. Yes David, no response. I'd say I'm surprised but you know...
  2. Is there any way I can find out my group number with out my reg letter as I still have not recieved it and don't expect to now. I just need to plan my weekend because other things may be happening. My order number is 12500 and I ordered my ticket on 27/02/13.
  3. Still don't have my reg letter and I emailed with my change of address ages ago. I can only assume my info was not updated and my letter went to my old address. Normally I wouldn't care but I paid postage for that to be sent to me so it's the principle of it. Not overly happy to be honest.
  4. You could always just ask her at the table if the dreaded 'no posed photos' sign isn't there. Simples.
  5. Yep, oh well. The group shoot should still be good.
  6. I won't lie, I'll be gutted if a group shoot goes out without Nicole, after all Dax was main cast.
  7. I'm going but on the Friday and staying in London all weekend. Would be nice to know some people in Oxford though as I'll be moving there at the end of the month!
  8. Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! I always love to meet Nana, she's always so lovely.
  9. Rene!!!!!! Yes. Hope he'll be raising money for Doctors Without Borders again with his bucket drawings!
  10. Spartacus guests please, in particular Manu Bennet, Peter Mensah and Jaime Murray.
  11. Hi, would it be possible to know which guests will be attending the DS9 talk? I'm just debating buying a ticket and the guests participating will determine if I buy one or not. Thanks.
  12. Nice! Great guest. Glad I met her before though as I can't make the event.
  13. Harry Groener Camden Toy Amy Acker
  14. Will this be in addition to EMS or replacing it and going back to just the 2 Collectormanias in MK? If it's in addition to EMS looks like it may be expensive month for people.
  15. If you have bigger guests become available I am of the opinion that the customers should know asap. After all we all on have a certain amount of money to spend and announcing the guests sooner may give people a few more weeks / months to save for it. I think this is essential if you want to get bigger and more pricier guests in.
  16. Did anyone take any photos of any Trill at the Friday party by any chance?
  17. Someone say my name?! Nana Visitor is THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN. I love her, so amazed she remembered me from earlier in the year and got a massive hug off her on Friday and practically an unexpected bear hug in her Sunday photo shoot. I only went to this event for her and Rene. And I will go to any other event she attends.
  18. I think someone asked this before and the answer was that there is no official shoot it will only be done if there is time / Ron is ok with it at his signing table.
  19. I would die if this happened, I want to meet Susanna SO MUCH. Mostly for Lenara Khan in DS9 though (points at avatar)!
  20. The photos are nice, not really my cuppa tea having an event logo on them - I hope the photo shoots won't be having that on?! What I'm really hoping for is images of several cast members together such as Sisko and Jake and Gul Ducat and Kira, as I have single photos of pretty much everyone else.
  21. And that's great for you. It's just a shame for us fans that have been to other events and met the actors maybe even several times that there will be no 'new' shoots for us to get if that makes sense. This event is not planned for ST-event veterans only, there are many who are coming who has never been or met actors/actresses from Star Trek before. As it isnt a exclusive gents club you cant expect SM to fulfill every visitors needs and desires. There are those who don't want theme or group photos so where do they draw the line? Photo session photos seems to sell pretty good anyway. I think most visitors are generally happy that their favourites are coming all the way to London to meet their fans. And for many a first time. I know this event is not planned for veterans only - no event ever is. It's not about any expectations of meeting every persons desires I was simply looking at the event as what it as billed at - an official event run in conjunction with Paramount and CBS which is exactly what the official US ones are. The official US events cater for everyone and have a good variety of everything which does include multi-shoots as well as individual shoots, which is pretty much all we have here. I think that's more than fair for me to compare the two. Agree 100%! Sometimes I feel there is too much negative thoughts here, I cant imagine why.. This going to be a fantastic weekend for young and old, for first timers as well as veterans. I already know that we won't get any other shoots now but that doesn't stop me from being disappointed. But I just hope that the organisers will build on this first event and maybe we get another one next year with more options. My comments are not particularly negative - I'm simply saying it how it is, if I didn't like it I wouldn't have bought my ticket! I look forward to my forth photo shoots with Nana and Rene and my first with Marc.
  22. And that's great for you. It's just a shame for us fans that have been to other events and met the actors maybe even several times that there will be no 'new' shoots for us to get if that makes sense.
  23. Terry Farrell, Susannah Thompson and Alex Siddig would be great.
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