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  1. Patrick stewart tweeted me saying it was great to meet me and i must pop round for tea and scones.............ok im lying. Would b ace though.
  2. just tweeted BBC WD saying it was a great event. Lets hope they don't build it up just so Anne Robinson has something to bite her teeth into. Great event! Irony of BBC WD - i think BBC have their own problems at the moment! If idiots stop this from happening again (DSTL) i will set my phaser to kill and go hunting.
  3. Great event. My dreams as a boy came true. Star trek isnt a show to me its a friend and it was great to meet guests and fellow fans who u could just turn to and start talking. Well done to all the staff. Probably cant top this years because of all the captains but another one next year would be great. My wallet shall hear and tremble
  4. Great topic. Yes it is region 1 only. I had my hand up to ask Bill to try and get it region 2 with his power.
  5. MAYBE YOU CAUGHT THE COLD OF SOMEONE FAMOUS!!!!!! I'd take anything of Nana Visitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All in all i thought it was brilliant. Perhaps the main thing for me was a speaker system to announce the numbers for queues! The reason the ticket system didn't work too well with the photos was that you had to be in ear shot of the person shouting. But a wonderful event that i believe the guests enjoyed too! All of Europe turned out. Well done. Do another! Do another DO ANOTHER! Please announce WELL in advance again! i need to save!! I NEED TO SAVE ALOT.
  7. Read my mind. I too had monday off. Keep looking at photos and autographs with glee. But would do it all again this weekend if i could.
  8. yes i noticed that too. A huge thank u to the geordie who let me watch 20mins of live toon v mackems on his phone. Shame result didnt quite match the weekend.
  9. I noticed at all talks there was a professional camera crew. Will the talks be on some DVD somewhere?? I missed most free talks!!
  10. can we just have a nana visitor convention!! :)
  11. I agree this was a great event. Although you look like you are a VIP - so you can't really comment on the ease of getting round! you had 6 small ferengi carrying you around!
  12. well we must see this photo! Andrew asked me what i was looking so sad at in the queue when i looked at my phone! I told him Sunderland had just scored to make it 1-1 he laughed and mentioned his time in London taught him abit about football! Great guy.
  13. Hey hey - get off her she's mine it was the eyes for me
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