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  1. I've met her...*counts*...*runs out of fingers*...a lot. She's actually become a very dear friend over the years - all the more reason why I want to see her again! :)
  2. She isn't able to make the 50th anniversary Star Trek event in October, but it'd be a crime not to have her do a UK event at all during the 50th. At events in other countries she does so many things other than just sign autographs; sing, play games, and best of all give panels and workshops on her anti-bullying program (http://www.popculturehero.org). As a huge fan of her it'd so wonderful to see all that represented at a show in the UK, so...please? She's an incredible lady with so many wonderful projects on the go - let her bring all that this side of the pond!
  3. Can't get the app on my phone; will loading up the PDF files I received when I purchased my tickets count?
  4. They've both been great every time I've seen them. We had the DS9 group photo a couple of years ago, but would still really like this one!
  5. Every time these two appear at a UK event I beg and beg the organisers for a joint photoshoot, but it never happens. Please could this time be the time?
  6. She's lovely, one of my favourites. This was the 7th event I've seen her at, and she's one of the very nicest guests ever.
  7. Nana Visitor. Otherwise this is going to be the first year since 2010 that I've not seen her, and I don't want that.
  8. Terry Farrell was indeed lovely, and I finally got round to making up for a bad pic I had taken with her back in 2009 by getting a super-duper huggy one. Also, Paul McGann is a really nice chap. For absolutely faves; well, I spent a lot of time at the Big Finish table on Sunday so my joint-faves are the awesome tag team of Chase Masterson and Lisa Bowerman. Just so lovely!
  9. Surprised that there was actually a e-cig company with a stand in the dealers area. Seemed a very odd thing to have...
  10. I hope Jason remembers that when he's on here later deleting threads all over the place, accusing people of stirring up trouble when all they're doing is posting legitimate concerns and criticisms, and saying "well basically everyone had an amazing time and the next one will be even better c you there" and ignoring all the many significant problems that this weekend has highlighted to many many of his paying customers.
  11. Still waiting. Two and a half months later and this still hasn't been sorted - really?
  12. I'm still waiting too. Coming up on two months since the show now...
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