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  1. I was at a con where two guys stuck plushie handmade feet onto their knees and went around on their knees for most of the day
  2. At Chevron (Massive Events Stargate con) they allow disabled people in first so they can sit first in whatever section they've bought a ticket for. I was stopped by a volunteer and told I didn't look disabled.
  3. This is what one of the idiots on the Facebook thread said regarding her being ill 'How can a ill man with Parkinson sit for hours for fans (legend) But up there own spam game of thrones cant be arsed'
  4. People need to realise that actors are not their characters, sending rude tweets to her because of what happened in the second last episode of the latest season is extremely childish.
  5. You should tell the elderly to mind their own business
  6. Diamond and Gold ticket holders paid more for their tickets, why shouldn't they get queuing privileges?
  7. Not been over for a while? He's done events in the UK every year up to last year. I'd rather have Chris Heyerdahl again or Ryan Robbins
  8. Demonique


    Is anyone looking for a roommate? Preferably at the Radisson? I female and a non-smoker
  9. Scott would be a huge boon to get to LFCC or one of the other signing events. He's one of the most talented voice actors in existence and has been the voice behind numerous iconic characters - Transformers fans would remember him as the voices of Dinobot/Rattrap/Waspinator/Silverbolt in Beast Wars (yes he voiced all four characters and they sound completely different), Duo in Gundam Wing and more recently Wolverine in X-Men Evolution and Stork and Repton in Storm Hawks. The only UK event he's been to so far is a Transformers convention and he's one of the personable guests you could hope to meet. He's still a huge draw at cons in the US despite having been on the circuit for years.
  10. months since i posted this but nothing has changed... i know he is expensive to bring over as i spoke to someone who asked around but i am certain he would draw, id buy at least 4 autos even if they were £25 straight away From what I understand at Transformers conventions he doesn't charge for autographs but he does have a large appearance fee. One European Transformer convention said that to bring him over would almost bankrupt the con.
  11. Any chance of getting Ben and Chris for Chevron 7.8? I'd rather see them at this than at LFCC as I can't afford to go to any more events due to lack of €€€€
  12. I think you should, quite a number of us are Farscape fans. As there are no refunds it'd be better to come rather than not come and waste £300 and you never know you might end up liking the guest talks. I love Neil Roberts despite never seeing him in a show, I went to his talk and a con and he was pretty amazing. cheer up! no matter who's coming the chevron cons are always fun! ill see who the guest they replace with are! then decide whether or not to come! its not just me, im bringing my neice and wont be fun if ther isnt something for her! shes only seven and was set on meeting ben! time will tell i spose Torri's a pretty wonderful guest (some cons tend to bring her back on a regular basis) Hopefully, your neice will enjoy the evening parties. Last year there was a bouncing castle, bucking camel and one of those things where you have to run on a bungee cord on seperate nights
  13. What time is the gold ticket party on Friday? Is it about 7pm or earlier?
  14. I don't know if I would class those as jokes, he sounded weirded out when he mentioned that creepy website list and the second time was more explaining how the scene was filmed and I recall him saying it was a hard scene to shoot
  15. The number for the hotel isn't working Edit: It's working now and the hotel is fully booked Does anyone know any alternative hotels?
  16. Why Robin Dunne? If you're going to bring Sanctuary main cast over why not someone who's been in Stargate? Like Christoper Heyerdahl? I'd rather see him again than Robin again to be honest
  17. Demonique


    I'll be happy to room with someone who's already booked a room or book a room and share with someone
  18. Demonique


    Is anyone looking for a roommate for the con? I'm Irish and female
  19. I think I might have been responsible for that. At a Transformers convention Ian Corlett mentioned Garry being very flatulent so at another convention I mentioned what Ian had said and asked him if he had any embarrassing stories about Ian and I'm pretty sure he said he managed to freak Ian out due to them happening to be recording together at the time of the cola incident. And I second Garry
  20. Several people on IMDB want a spin-off show with them Someone on IMDB said that River and The Doctor were looking at the name-leaf- thing in the cot, rather than the cot itself and mentioned that The Moff confirmed this on Twitter I thought there would be at least one fool who would call the Doctor a pedo after the ep, instead there's bitching about the gay couples in the episode.
  21. I'll go for some different names too Scott McNeil - Kefflin in 'Company of Thieves' and he was also a villager in another ep of SG1. Oh and he played the guy who rescued Magnus and Will from the basilik in 'Hollow Earth' in Sanctuary. He's done non-SG events in the UK before and he's a fantastic guest. Chiara Zanni - Melena (AKA Ronon's exploding ex) from the SGA ep 'Sateda'. I've heard she's lovely Oh and Christoper Heyerdahl, Jason Momoa and Lou Diamond Phillips
  22. so you get the same as the last one and the one before that then? just for £500 - £600 more? The VIP tix for the next Chevron event are £995, the tix for the last Chevron event were £1,495.00 due to Richard Dean Anderson attending, it's down to guest appearance fees it seems
  23. The small shop had 1.5lt bottles of water for £1.95, if you went to the concierge desk they had a list of restaurants that did delivery They should set him to music and then post it on YouTube There were people complaining about his hat in Vancouver last year as well. I think this was a much more enjoyable con Post-con lurgy/con-crud is the Beast, I got it after a con in February, had a cough for weeks, it was almost gone, then I went to an anime con last month and had a mild relapse! This Storm Hawks fanfic was inspired by the six week con-crud I got after attending a Stargate con in Vancouver - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4627882/1/All_..._Come_to_an_End
  24. He was also Todd the (most awesome) Wraith (ever) in Stargate Atlantis. I won't be coming to the con as I've seen read or seen Twilight, but I have met Chris at a Stargate con and he's a pretty amazing guest so you guys won't be disappointed if he makes an appearance
  25. I went to buy one earlier today and it said they were all sold out, but the website says they are available until today, what gives?
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