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  1. Cam who ? I loveeeeeeeeee burlesque! Cam who ? I loveeeeeeeeee burlesque! WOAH I know that film word for word knew I recognised him!!! As if! I will be there if he comes! Thankyouuuuuu google Tehe
  2. Jamie Campbell Bower Jackson Rathbone Jamie Campbell Bower Jackson Rathbone Jamie Campbell Bower Pleaseeeee
  3. Havnt bought a ticket yet. If Jamie was announced though that'd be a different story xD just sayingg :)
  4. Had one for near enough every ET forum. Top 5? Guests you'd love to attend *Jamie Campbell Bower* *coughs* .....
  5. *gets keyboard ready for tomorrow* Silver here i come <3
  6. Hell-oo Ive abused the forum Coming ET6 as ill have money atlast! Cant wait to meet Kellan and seeeeeeee people i havnt seen for a long timeeeee Think ET6 needs Jamie...Jusst sayin *Rambles*
  7. If (Sir) David Jason came, it would literally make my life....
  8. think we saw about 8 days of sun this year lol what did we ever do to the sun for it to hate us this much?
  9. You dont need card, just your reg letter and ID :) When they buy the ticket just get them to put your name in the comments box
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